Microsoft Edge Canary brings new flag to improve font rendering

Microsoft Edge Canary brings new flag to improve font rendering

Microsoft today unveiled a number of new features for the Edge browser's font rendering technology, including contrast enhancement, text gamma correction, and more. Edge Insiders can get these updates right now in the newest Edge Canary versions.

According to the Edge Insider team, “Today we are excited to announce improved font rendering in the latest Canary builds of Microsoft Edge on Windows. We have improved the contrast enhancement and gamma correction to match the quality and clarity of other native Windows applications. Font rendering will also now respect user ClearType Tuner settings when applying text contrast enhancement and gamma correction.” 

Microsoft Edge Canary brings new flag to improve font renderingThis new feature is presently hidden behind an experimental flag that may be enabled by going to edge://flags and looking for "Enhance text contrast." After enabling the function and relaunch the web browser once it has been detected. Finally, go to the Start menu and type in "Adjust ClearType text" to try out different contrast and gamma settings to find the one that works best for their monitor.

Microsoft Edge Canary adds new flag to improve font rendering

The improved font rendering experience is now being rolled out to Microsoft Edge Canary version 92, and users with the stable channel expected to launch in July 2021. The firm adds that these changes are planned to provide a "consistently font-making" experience with Windows on all Chromium-based browsers. In the comments down below, let us know if the update improves Microsoft Edge's reading experience.

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