Minecraft and the Purge are together at The Last

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Minecraft and The Purge are separate for many good reasons. While the primo sandbox game offers some freedom, it's still a game mostly for kids which is why The Purge doesn't necessarily slot in. However, the internet cannot be controlled. Therefore, someone has created an animation that blends both.

We're obviously not saying you shouldn't try to recreate The Purge in Minecraft. Everyone has their own unique way of playing the game. Take the person who's nearly finished with mining the entire Minecraft map after five years, or the people who recreated MS Paint using Redstone. A person even built an PC which is modeled on the Nintendo Wii, which manages to run Minecraft in stunning 4K. It's got something for all. This is among the most bizarre, yet still extremely enjoyable videos we've ever seen.

Forge Labs, which creates a lot of strange long-term challenges for games, got a few Minecrafters together to spend one week in Minecraft creating beautiful homes and living their most enjoyable lives. The Purge rules were put in place after the week was over. This meant that everyone could do whatever they wanted, but most importantly it was illegal to commit crimes.

The latest video from them is barely two hours long which is a bit of a commitment however, it's somewhere in between being incredibly fascinating, extremely disturbing and a candid glimpse of how humans could behave if everything went awry.

One of the coolest little additions to this whole rules was that, if a player died before the purge started, they'd lose one heart permanently. This meant that players couldn't upgrade their equipment without paying an amount. It's a great show to watch, and we highly recommend having it on in the background when you're busy with work - and maybe you're getting frustrated with work to the point you feel a bit sour.

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