Minecraft Data Packs

What is what is Minecraft Data Pack?

Data packs that are supported by Java Edition, can be used to alter Minecraft by adding new mechanics and crafting recipes, weapons and even mini-games. Minecraft data packs are.zip files that contain JSON and an pack.mcmeta file containing an explanation. Functions (.mcfunction), advancements, and loot tables are all defined by the creator. Resource packs with new textures, models, and sound effects are needed for some advanced data packs. Keep looking for your most loved data packs and then try them out!

Installing data packs

Data packs are installed on a per world basis in the datapacks/ directory. They can also be used on multiplayer Java Edition servers! If you're having problems you can follow our guide on how to install Minecraft Data packs. Did you know that you can install multiple data packs in Minecraft? Combine the power of different data packs to make your Minecraft experience!

How do I create a Data Pack?

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Even without prior programming knowledge You can still learn how to make Minecraft data packs. There are many kinds of data packs. Start simple and expand your knowledge and experience. A tutorial series is recommended for creating Minecraft data packs. This walkthrough will teach you how to create data packs using code snippets and examples. It also includes challenges and exercises. Upload your data pack to Planet Minecraft once you have created it.

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