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Minecraft Edu is technically Minecraft but it's free and comes with lessons and challenges. I think that it's great but there are a few things that I would like to see you add.

1. I would be grateful if you could add some instructions about commands. Although I don't know how to utilize them, I've seen others doing it and want to learn. You can also make an inventory of all the commands and their functions.

2. I play on an iPad but the game still uses computer keys so I can't fully comprehend what I am able to do. I would like the game to know what device you're playing on and allow you to use the buttons or keys in accordance with the device.

3. Another thing. I'm pretty sure that there's a nether update available in normal Minecraft and I'd be happy to have it to Minecraft education as well. It would be great to have piglings, and Striders. I am currently updating the game as I write this. If not, please add it.

Overall, I believe this game is excellent and an excellent choice for people who's parents aren't willing to spend the normal Minecraft price. However, you'll require a school account in order to play the game. I hope you're able to add the information I want!
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