Minecraft Houses: Cool Houses to make In Minecraft

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30 September 2022

Making Minecraft houses is hard. It isn't easy to create a Minecraft house that looks good and doesn't look like a box. Excellent Minecraft houses don't have to be reserved for the highly-skilled. Many people post their Minecraft house designs regularly on the internet. We've gathered every single one.

There are so many different Minecraft houses to pick from. Do you need a cozy cave? A beautiful aesthetic cottage? Or perhaps a simple home for a first-time buyer? Minecraft houses are testimony to the endless imagination of the players in the game. They can be modified in a variety of ways, and they will never stop growing.

So which of the Minecraft houses is right for you? We hope this guide will give you some ideas of what you might like to build. Our Minecraft houses guide is like an image-board. It features some of our favorite designs and ideas to help make your Minecraft home a home.

How to make minecraft houses

Knowing how to make Minecraft houses, or where to start the process of building is difficult. This is why, in each entry below, we've provided a few of our favorite step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to build perfect Minecraft houses.


Who wouldn't want a gorgeous Minecraft house in the mountains! Minecraft mountain homes are built into hillsides, or, if you prefer, open, featuring grand vistas right in front of your windows. When building Minecraft houses in the mountains, it is essential to select the best location with a spectacular view.


Aesthetic Minecraft houses can be a variety of things, including cozy winter chalets or retro-vintage houses or in this case, a Japanese-style pagoda. Minecraft allows you to build anything, after all so why settle for boring Minecraft houses that look boring? Dream big, and chances are someone out there has already constructed your dream Minecraft home for you.


A Hobbit hole is the most appropriate way to describe Minecraft cave houses. It has small rooms and low ceilings. However, Minecraft cave houses come in many varieties, whether it's a hive-like home hanging from a cave wall or a house actually built in the Nether. There are a variety of possibilities, but the most important aspect of Minecraft cave houses is that they're resistant to attack.

Minecraft starter homes

Everybody starts somewhere, and Minecraft starter homes are easy to build templates based upon procurable materials. But that doesn't mean Minecraft starter houses boring. Minecraft servers It's actually amazing what you can create with just, elegant design, and a few floral decoration.


Building doesn't always have to be complicated. Sometimes you just want something that simply looks nice, but isn't ridiculously complicated to make. Like the one above, there are tonnes of wooden designs that are beautiful, and not too difficult to build, no matter your experience level with building.


There are many nice Minecraft houses, but our favorite is the treehouse. It's a wonderful experience to be high upin the air, with gorgeous greenery. The treehouses in Minecraft can be used for both and beautiful, since they are an effective defense against the enemies that are swarming around.


Underground is the last frontier! This guide will show you how to build your own underground house in case you wish to keep your items below the ground. Keep a few glass blocks in your home to keep an eye at the sky! This idea is really easy to grasp.

These are all the Minecraft Houses that we have! You can download Minecraft from Google Play or the App Store if you want to build a house for yourself. Be sure to check out our top mobile RPGs list if want more games like Minecraft!

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