Minecraft Mod Turns it into An Total War Game

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26 September 2022

Minecraft mods can do many things nowadays however, some of the coolest mods include new features. Some allow you to see for a long time, while others let you drive in Mario Karts and some make the game into an Elden Ring. The Mi Alliance mod is something entirely different though, and it's awesome.

The Mi Alliance: Invasion! The mod was released in June. It has been continuously updated since then to correct any issues or add new features. This Minecraft mod includes new enemies, the Mi Alliance.

The Mi Alliance, aside from sounding like old-school Worms characters in their appearance It's actually quite powerful. They're more than content to build their own structures, which is a strange enough trait. But, they're also a lot more intelligent than many Minecraft mobs, and wander around the world in groups, ready to take on any person they encounter. The first trailer showcases the mobs in the action.

These threats aren't going to be defeated by you alone. However you can build your own Mi Alliance and let them fight for you. The 2.0 update, which was launched this week (July 18), adds even more to the mod, with new enemies, weapons and ores too. Alicepopkorn You can even ride on unique vehicles and explore new ruinarios.

It's an intensely ambitious mod that will make Minecraft feel fresh again for players who have been playing for a long time, and If updates continue to come in at this rate, you can expect it to become truly remarkable as the years pass by. It's always gratifying to see a mod develop from being good to innovative, and the Mi Alliance: Invasion! Mi Alliance: Invasion!

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