Minecraft Netherite: Effects, and how to Make Netherite

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What is Minecraft netherite? Minecraft's latest material is now available in the 1.16 update. It's available in the Nether. Free-forums.tv Yes, and you can also create it using a new ore, called ancient debris - here's how.

Netherite isn't for the faint-hearted, it's a high-level material and it does something special worth exploring a Minecraft Nether portal for. It can be used to upgrade your diamond gear , but it's not diamond+. This opens new possibilities for netherite tools, equipment and weapons.

To get your cubey mitts on the most durable material in the game, you'll need to travel to the Nether to search for rare ancient materials that you can transform into netherite ingots before creating the best weapons and armour in Minecraft. How do you find netherite? We'll guide you through the entire process, from digging the dark soil to showing off the netherite equipment you have. This video will show how to create netherite in Minecraft. It also covers netherite effects and why it's so much better than diamonds.

How to find Netherite on Minecraft

Unlike diamond, you can't find Minecraft netherite in its ore form in the ground. Instead you're looking for a block in the Nether known as ancient debris and it's astronomically rare. You'll need a diamond pickaxe to harvest it, so be prepared.

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Ancient debris is spawned in veins, and is always completely covered by blocks (or lava) on both sides, so it's impossible to discern them from the surface. Instead, you'll need dig down - ancient debris is discovered from y=22 up to y=8, but it is most common around the age of 15.

How do you craft netherite in minecraft

After you've discovered some ancient debris, it is time to craft netherite scrap. After you've melted an ancient block of debris using blast furnace or furnace to create one netherite scrap, it's time to start crafting the next step. To make one netherite ingot, you'll require four netherite scraps.

How to make Netherite Armour, and Netherite Weapons

The good news is, after scouring the Nether for enough ancient debris to create a netherite ingot, you only need one netherite ingot for every piece of netherite equipment. Instead of creating your new tools out of pure netherite, you'll instead upgrade existing diamond armour and weapons by combining them with your netherite ingot using the smithing table.

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Smithing tables can be located in the blacksmith's workshop in a village or you can make one yourself with wood planks and iron ingots. The enchantments you place on your diamond equipment will be transferred however, the durability will not be reset, so you'll need an anvil if your diamond equipment needs restoring.

Minecraft netherite effects

What do you think you can do with your sparkling netherite in Minecraft's lava-filled underworld? Netherite objects float in Minecraft's lava-filled underground, and it means your creations won't sink . So you can watch them float away instead.

Shine bright! Here's where you'll find Minecraft diamonds

Netherite is a great upgrade to diamond. They're a great alternative to diamond. Netherite weapons are more powerful and deal more damage than diamond equipment. Additionally, netherite armour is more durable and lasts longer than average diamond gear. You'll barely be beaten back when wearing your netherite-based fineries. This is a bonus of this awesome new material, especially if you're preparing to take on the Minecraft wither boss and need some extra padding.

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