Minecraft: new Marketplace For Community Creators

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Minecraft: New marketplace for community creators By Steffan Powell Newsbeat reporter

10 April 2017

Minecraft intends to make it easier for players to avail of the content created by community members and fans.

Many players have created complex worlds to explore, thrilling adventures to play, or even alter the game itself to offer new experiences within it.

They will now be able to sell content via the game in the new Minecraft Marketplace.

"We are looking to allow entrepreneurs to set up businesses on our platform," producer John Thornton tells Newsbeat.

Up to now, those who design adventure maps skin packs for characters or experiences for the game aren't allowed to sell them directly to other players.

Only official Minecraft content could be sold in that way however, that hasn't stopped some people making money from the game.

James Delaney, is founder of an organization of Minecraft creators called Blockworks and he's been able to establish a business despite the limitations.

The Marketplace is welcome news for him.

"Hopefully it's the beginning of a regular and stable income," he tells Newsbeat.

"In the past, we've been relying on commissions to come in, and you're never quite sure when that is."

He is the responsible person for 62 creators working in 20 countries.

Their primary source of income comes from the creation of Minecraft-based content for educational purposes and marketing campaigns.

James "got quite into" creating Minecraft maps with his online friends and realized in the following years that it was feasible to earn a living by selling it.

"At the very least, we know there's a market for our content," he says.

"If it's successful, then we are confident we can continue to work on more regular and stable basis.

"Also it's content we can choose to produce, instead of being required to create, so we've got creative control in that regard."

The marketplace will go live later in the year and will be accessible on the Windows 10 and Pocket versions of the game.

It means the majority of the estimated 120 million users of Minecraft around the world will have access to the game however, those who play on consoles won't.

John Thornton states, "Our ambition is to try and connect creators and our players."

"On Pocket edition, it can be difficult to transfer content onto devices. This makes it challenging for creators and users to share content they love with the world.

"By connecting creators with the marketplace, it will make it easier for players to find something they like, buy it, and then download it available on their devices."

People will be able to create community experiences outside the market, and players will be able to access them for no cost.

Producers hope that viewers will spend more money for content that is easy to locate.

"If you are planning to share content at the moment you must put it somewhere on the internet and tell people where to look for it," says John.

"You can utilize existing social media platforms to accomplish this, but it's more effective if we integrate it into the game in itself.

"Players can interact with things they love in the context of the game they play."

He hopes that the game will enable James to establish an enterprise that is successful.

The Minecraft team is launching the new service with nine creators from all over the globe to begin.

The central Minecraft team will be monitoring the adventure maps, skin packs, and experiences to ensure they are suitable for the audience of the game.

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