Minecraft on PS4 Supports Touchpad and will be Followed

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Minecraft will not complete a bridge to PS4, Vita and Xbox One until August, however the PlayStation Blog update lends a some more information about what to expect from the port to Sony's most recent home console.

We were previously told that the world's sizes were "a much larger" on newer consoles however this update gives specifics: you'll have 36 times the space for flagship construction sites on the PS4 than you had on the PS3. The DualShock 4's touchpad may be considered a brand new tool to add to your arsenal, as 4J Studios has added optional support for crafting and menu navigation.

The PS4 version will offer eight-player online game play, with a single PS4 being capable of hosting up to four players on a splitscreen. "A bunch of Sony-specific DLC" will follow Minecraft's PS4 debut.
Online servers

Saves can be transferred from the PS3 or Xbox 360 to allow you to continue your creative architectural abilities without having to start from scratch. When the PS4 and Xbox One builds arrive in August you'll be able upgrade from digital versions for $4.99. Alternately, PlayStation users can stick with the PS3 and access the Vita version for no cost.

Mojang is looking to offer discounts to spin disc-based versions of Minecraft as well, but since the post mentions that it's "proving difficult to set up," we'll have to wait for more details to determine if it's possible.

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