Minecraft RTX now has Dungeon Dash and it Looks Fantastic

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07 September 2022

It's somewhat funny to realise that blocky, chunky Minecraft is now one of the most enjoyable ways to experience ray traced graphics, however, it's the truth - Minecraft RTX looks stunning and has a stunning new world of crafted art which is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace. Dungeon Dash offers 10 unique Dungeons that you can explore in stunning medieval surroundings.

Dungeon Dash for RTX was developed by BlockWorks in partnership with Nvidia and you can locate it by going to the Minecraft Marketplace and searching for Dungeon Dash RTX. Once you've downloaded the free map downloaded and installed, you can enter to explore an orc fortress, an Ewok-style forest village that is high up in the trees, and floating islands in sky.

The effects of RTX-powered raytracing and path-tracing enable this stunning effect. Nvidia's DLSS allows you to keep the framerate smooth and smooth. Below is a video showing some of the jaw-dropping sights Dungeon Dash offers. You might be forgiven for thinking you were witnessing a brand-new Destiny 2 strike.
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