Minecraft Spellcraft DLC Adds “powerful” Spellcasting for Free

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The Minecraft Spellcraft DLC differs somewhat from the previous ones, like the Minions taking over. However, the marketplace is also packed with special offerings and new adventures to explore if you're content to sift through the chaff. Today's game is completely free and totally original, and it's from Gamemode One.

Minecraft's Spellcraft was teased last week in conjunction with the fifth anniversary marketplace sale But today is the day we get access to it. Spellcraft will be the debut of a brand new scripting API for Minecraft's Bedrock Edition. The blurb claims that players can "craft powerful elements spells with more than 20,000 unique combinations of spells," and includes Rifts that are full of enemies. As you gain more power, you will be able to increase your skills and be able to overcome more difficult problems.

The magic systems of Minecraft typically go no further than enchantments, but the idea of actually having an in-depth spell system to play with is a lot of fun. There are plenty of enemies, too, like flying wisps, mages, and even a new skeleton model.

The exact release date for the Spellcraft DLC is currently unknown because it's "coming shortly" at the time of writing. However, keep an eye on the site and you should be in a position to download it once it's available. In addition, if the teaser trailer for it is true, it'll be completely free to download too. It's difficult to argue with cost-free as a price.

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