Minecraft Survival Servers

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27 September 2022

Survival is among the oldest and most original games in Minecraft's history. It revolves around acquiring resources as well as building bases, fighting mobs and exploring the world. It has been around since May 2009 and is still very popular within the Minecraft community.

Freedonia (MinecraftOnline) has the distinction of being the longest-running survival server. It was launched within one hour of Minecraft's Survival multiplayer being available. Launched way back on 4th August 2010and has not been changed and is still operating today!

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Without doubt, Hypixel is among the most well-known survival servers ever made.

WIth an all time peak of 216558 users online at one time, just a little over one year ago (2021).

Other Notable Minecraft Survival Servers are:

- Mineplex- The SeedMineplex- The Seed The ArchonThe MCHub Minewind- Herobrine

Minecraft Survival Servers

Vanilla Minecraft Survival Servers

Vanilla servers tend to be simple and quick to set up and do not require plugins to alter the game. This makes Minecraft the purest and most simple version of the game that it could possibly be. Some people might call this normal or default

The majority of people prefer setting up a semi-vanilla system of survival that allows mods to improve gameplay and protect against hackers.

A couple of semi-vanilla servers you should be on the lookout for are:

Vanilla Europa is a semi vanilla Minecraft Server with minimal mods for anti-griefing.

Simply-Vanilla SMP is a minimal application that does not require plugins or data packs. They aim to create a community-driven experience similar to the classic Minecraft multiplayer/early hermitcraft.

Minecraft Survival Servers Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is designed to run on various platforms such as Android, iOS, XBox, PS4, Windows 10 and many other platforms.

Mineplex is one of the best Bedrock Minecraft Survival Servers. Mineplex is a Java server that has been in operation since January 2013. They also have an Bedrock version, which is much more popular on pe.mineplex.com.

Minecraft Survival Servers Java

Herobrine is a Minecraft urban legend that tells the story of Notch, a player who created Minecraft. He left behind an NPC. This NPC was called Herobrine and would play with the player in a variety of ways including copying their inventory, and then destroying their creations. He is now one of the most talked about characters in the Minecraft community and has a massive following despite being fake (The entire thing began when one of Notch's close friends who made a mod which included a hidden NPC in Beta dubbed Herobrine) Herobrine has even been given a dedicated server and a dedicated Wiki all about his character.

The Herobrine Server is one of the oldest servers running today and is running on Java.

Small Minecraft Survival Servers

One of the best ways to find a small Survival Server, is to connect to a Minecraft Server List and do searches by players online. A server that has less than 100 players could be considered to be small. However, it is entirely dependent on you as a participant. Due to the cost of running a server, servers need to have a certain number of players that can help with the ongoing costs and tasks associated to the server.

Minecraft Survival Servers Reddit

This site is a large community of gamers from all over the world. They have many different categories, like Minecraft and Servers. You can also find other players to play with on the Minecraft servers. You can filter the filters to search for survival servers, or other types of servers. There are also a lot of videos and tutorials on this website.

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