Minecraft To Support UN Regeneration Projects

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Minecraft to aid UN regeneration projects

Minecraft is being used to model 300 places around the world so that people can decide how they will alter their lives.

The program is dubbed Block by Block, the program is an alliance between Minecraft maker Mojang and UN Habitat.

Urban areas will be recreated on computers by using Minecraft which allows residents to experience a virtual tour.

They will also be able alter the model and decide how the money for regeneration should be spent.

The Undugu playground, part of the Kibera region located on the outskirts Nairobi was among the first places to be recreated in Minecraft for Block by Block's pilot program.

"We'll put it into the game so that players can stroll around and feel as if it's as real as it gets," Lydia Winters, community liaison manager at Mojang told the BBC.

Undugu has been recreated on computer by Minecraft modelling firm Fyre UK. The UN plans to restore the playground is coming soon to those who live near it.

Virtual visits

Minecraft is set in a universe made of cubes, each one of which is composed of the different virtual materials - dirt, stone, diamond, iron ore, and so on. The game requires you to stack the cubes, and then break them into their basic materials. This allows you to create artifacts and objects.

UN Habitat approached Mojang to help with its urban renewal plans due to the ease with which Minecraft can be modeled.

UN Habitat will remodel 300 areas in Minecraft by the year 2016. This will allow residents of those areas to participate in the transformation.

Ms. Winters said, "It's bringing together decision makers and youth to decide on an agreed-upon ground for public places around the world."

At the Minecon conference in Paris, which took place between 24 and 25 November, to unveil details about the project

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UN Habitat

Fyre UK

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