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Make Minecraften.com your homepage for Minecraft games, news, mods, downloads, and more! If you are seeking a website where you can find everything about Minecraft and Minecraft-related information, then you've come to the right place. Minecraften will keep you informed with the most recent Minecraft news including snapshots, new versions, online games and more.

About Minecraft Games

Minecraften.com provides the most up-to-date information and news on Minecraft games. Keep up-to-date with Minecraft by visiting Minecraften.com frequently to look for updates and downloads to improve your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft 15w34b

Minecraft 11w48a - Download

Minecraft 11w47a

Minecraft Beta 1.6.6

Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre3 Download

ZombieCraft 2

Minecraft Version 15w32a

Minecraft Version 1.8.8-pre

Featured Content

Minecraften offers a wide selection of great content and things related to Minecraft such as Minecraft games and mods, Minecraft downloads, and Minecraft news.

Minecraft Action

Play the best Minecraft Action Games free online and explore every corner of the world filled with challenges! Let's take on the challenges and overcome them!

Minecraft 3D

It's fantastic to enjoy Minecraft 3D games on an enormous and mysterious map in your own time or with a group of others! Get ready to unleash your creativity and get the list filled!

Minecraft Arcade

You can play Minecraft Arcade online for free and use everything you have to complete your quests quickly! Begin by playing the first level now!

Minecraft Multiplayer

Explore the exciting world of Minecraft Multiplayer Games and collect the highest score to take over the leaderboard! Explore the Minecraft Multiplayer games you love today!

What are Minecraft games?
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Minecraft Games

There is no denying that Minecraft games are extremely popular on the Internet. They allow you to create objects and construct structures using the materials you've gathered from the Minecraft world. There are certain games that have become the most played games, and are favored by a lot of players. Online Minecraft games will let you express your imagination and develop your skills as a fighter. Minecraften.com has a wide selection of Minecraft games to choose from! Play Minecraft Online

About Minecraft Minecraften Mods

Minecraft Mods

With Minecraft Mods, you can improve your gaming experience on Minecraft by implementing various optimizations and advanced gameplay modifications. A Minecraft mod is a modification to Mojang's Minecraft that is made by an individual user. Minecraften.com provides a wide selection of Minecraft mods that are free to download. You can play games with Mods.

What are the Minecraft versions you can download for free?

Minecraft Download

Minecraften.com also offers Minecraft Download! You can go there to download Minecraft: Java Edition for free with various versions that have been released for Windows. They are also very easy to install on your computer. Download them now!

Minecraft Skins Gamer Skins: Yellow Gamer

Minecraft Skins: Golfer

Minecraft Skins: Lava Entity

Minecraft Skins: Bartender

What is Minecraft Minecraften Skins?

Minecraft Skins

Minecraft Skins are used to describe the textures that are put on a model of a player or mob model in Minecraft games. The Minecraft skins are divided into areas that represent the character's size like the left leg region and the front head. The skin can only be one color and the skin file can't be transparent, except for the second layer.

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