Miracle Sheets Scam EXPOSED? Miracle Sheets Reviews (Buyer's Guide 2022)

Miracle Sheets Scam EXPOSED? Miracle Sheets Reviews (Buyer's Guide 2022)

A good night’s sleep can help you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day—but what if you aren’t getting the right amount of restful sleep because your sheets are uncomfortable or too hot? Miracle Sheets aims to solve that problem with their luxury-feeling cotton blend sheets infused with silver fiber to inhibit bacteria growth and help regulate body temperature, leading to the healthiest possible sleep all night long. We were lucky enough to get our hands on these innovative sheets and test them out—find out how they performed after testing them out in this Miracle Sheets review!

A miracle is a home linen company that provides towels and bedding infused with silver to reduce bacteria.

We'll look at two of the company's sheet sets: Signature and Extra Luxe. Miracle's Signature Sheets feature a percale weave, while the Extra Luxe Sheets feature a sateen weave and a higher thread count. Both sets are made with high-quality Supima cotton and treated with Miracle's proprietary silver fiber technology. In addition to extra-long fibers for increased softness, Suima cotton features a silver treatment that eliminates bacteria and odors to reduce washing time. There are three solid, neutral colors available for both Miracle Sheets sets.

As well as comparing the Signature and Extra Luxe sets in depth, I will discuss the sizing for different mattresses and how to care for the sheets to ensure their long-term durability.

Miracle Sheets Scam EXPOSED? Miracle Sheets Reviews (Buyer's Guide 2022)

Miracle Sheets Types

Miracle Sheets Set – Signature

  • Material: Cotton, Silver Fiber
  • Weave: Percale

Miracle Sheets Set – Extra Luxe

  • Material: Cotton, Silver Fiber
  • Weave:  Sateen

Miracle Sheets Review – The Breakdown

Cost and build quality are the two most important factors to take into account before purchasing either of these sheets. The Signature set is cheaper than the Extra Luxe set. All that being said, the luxurious quality of the Extra Luxe sheets are sometimes worth the higher price for some customers.

Both of these sheet sets are made with high-quality Supima cotton and are certified free of harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. A popular feature of Miracle Sheets is the silver-infused design. The silver inhibits bacteria and is designed to reduce the need for washing. This feature may be beneficial to customers looking to save money on detergent because it means they need to wash their bedding less often.


A Miracle Sheets Set offers above-average durability, temperature regulation, and comfort. Follow Miracle's care and cleaning instructions to extend the lifespan of your sheets.

Miracle Sheets Scam EXPOSED? Miracle Sheets Reviews (Buyer's Guide 2022)

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The Miracle Sheets materials: Miracle Sheets Signature and Miracle Sheets Extra Luxe Sheet

There are two key differences between Miracle's Signature and Extra Luxe Sheet Sets: weave and thread count. Sheets differ in how they feel and perform based on the type of sleeper.

Miracle Sheets Signature

Made with Supima cotton in a percale weave, Miracle's Signature Sheet Set feels uniquely cool and crisp. With a percale weave, which is designed to breathe and cool, and a 350 thread count, the Signature Sheet provides both comfort and durability. These sheets are perfect for individuals who sleep hot and enjoy a crisp feel.

Miracle Sheets Extra Luxe

Supima cotton is used to make the 500 thread count Extra Luxe sheets, which are smoother and heavier than the Signature sheets due to the sateen weave. The extra-fine cotton also contributes to the set's overall breathability. While sateen sheets are more likely to trap heat than percale sheets, Extra Luxe sheets are designed to reduce heat retention. Sateen fabrics are often more difficult to maintain than percale fabrics, but their silver-infused design contributes to reducing bacterial growth and reducing the number of times they need to be cleaned.

Miracle Sheets Prices and Sizing

Prices for Miracle Sheets vary, depending on which set you purchase. Even though the Extra Luxe set is the most expensive for sheets, it may be worth the higher price for people who want superior quality materials and construction.

A fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases are all included in the Signature Sheet Set, though for a twin-sized set there is only one pillowcase. You can also purchase Miracle's additional Signature pillowcases in sets of two or duvet covers.

In addition to the same items included in the Signature Sheet Set, the Extra Luxe Sheet Set includes 500 thread count sateen sheets, which will cost more than the Signature Sheet Set.

Miracle Brand offers two bundles of bedding in addition to sheets: the Miracle Home Bundle and the Miracle Move-In Bundle. One fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two pillowcases, two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths are included in the Home Bundle; the Move-In Bundle includes twice as many sheets, pillowcases, and towels. Signature bundles cost less than Extra Luxe bundles.

Miracle Sheets Pricing

Miracle Sheets are available in the following sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and California king. They do not offer a twin XL option. The fitted sheets from Miracle are made for high-profile mattresses and have a pocket depth of 16 inches.

Miracle Sheets Pricing



Extra Luxe













California King




Miracle Sheets Sizing


Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet


Duvet Cover


39″ W x 75″ L x 16″ D

71″ W x 98″ L

20” W x 27” L

64″ W x 90″ L


54” W x 75” L x 16” D

86″ L x 98″ W

20” W x 27” L

90″ W x 94″ L


60” W x 80” L x 16” D

94″ L x 102″ W

20” W x 27” L

90″ W x 94″ L


76” W x 80” L x 16” D

112″ L x 104″ W

20” W x 37” L

104″ W x 94″ L

California King

72” W x 84” L x 16” D

110″ L x 104″ W

20” W x 37” L

104″ W x 94″ L



Miracle Sheets Color, Design, and Pattern Options

Sheet Set

Design Options


Stone, Sky Blue, White

Extra Luxe

Stone, Sky Blue, White



Miracle offers three color options for Signature and Extra Luxe Sheet sets. Both sets are available in shades that are perfect for a variety of bedroom color schemes. Though Miracle does not offer patterned garments, it does have a limited selection of colors for buyers to choose from.

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Care and Cleaning

Customers are provided with detailed instructions for proper care and cleaning of Miracle's sheets. The Signature and Extra Luxe sheets are both machine washable using warm water and gentle liquid detergent. By separating the sheets from another laundry, you will increase durability and reduce bleeding or fading. However, frequent use of powder detergent and fabric softeners may shorten their lifespan.

If drying both sets of sheets in the dryer, tumble dry them at a low setting to maintain the softness. Avoid wrinkles by removing the sheets from the dryer as soon as possible. If wrinkles do form, you can iron the sheets in a warm setting.


Miracle ships sheet sets the ship to any address in the United States and many international destinations. The Signature and Extra Luxe sheet sets are only available on the brand's website. Miracle products are not sold through any third-party sites or brick-and-mortar locations.


Miracle will ship domestically free of charge to an address in the United States, depending on the carrier service used. For an additional fee, expedited and overnight shipping are available on orders that are inside the United States.

Canadian customers will pay a flat shipping fee of $15. International shipping costs will vary for other destinations. Your shipment will be processed by DHL Express if it's international shipping.

They come in recyclable boxes that do not use lamination, and the packages usually take 3-5 business days to be delivered after being dispatched from the company's warehouse.


30-night trials of Miracle Sheets Sets are included, meaning that you can keep your sheets for up to 30 nights and return them if you are not satisfied. All Miracle covers are eligible for free return shipping in the United States.


A limited 5-year warranty is provided with Miracle Sheets Sets. The warranty starts on the date of purchase and applies to damage that is deemed to be a defect. When Miracle determines that a product is damaged through normal wear and tear, it will not replace it.

Customer claims must follow additional terms and conditions. Customers may email Miracle and submit photos of the defect.

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Miracle Brand Sheets Reviews (Consumer Reports Miracle Sheets)  

We could only get an idea about some products by reading their reviews because they are only available online. It is also relevant to Miracle Brand sheets Canada.

Even Martha Stewart referred to miracle brand sheets Canada as the revolution in bedding sheets in her book, Miracle brand sheets Canada. On the major online platforms, such as Amazon and Reddit, if you search for Miracle Sheets reviews, you'll find that these sheets' overall score is always above four stars.

When you're looking for reviews of Canada's Miracle Brand sheets, the internet is the best place to do your research, and the research I've done so far demonstrates that the reviews of Miracle Brand sheets are all-around positive.

The product has greatly delighted most of its customers. Most people admitted that they now wake up refreshed and that they are sleeping better as a result.

Yes, some reviews weren't 100% positive, and even some did not get the promised quality they were looking for. And more than 95% of Miracle Sheets reviews are about how great the Miracle brand is. 90% of people on Reddit reviewed Miracle Sheets. 

One individual even admitted that they are sensational. As I previously said, the most significant review is from Martha Stewart. As Martha found out in her latest round of consumer reports, Miracle Sheets live up to their claims. Many previously cynical customers reported their life-changing experiences.

Are Miracle Sheets Worth It?   

Miracle brand sheets are the only ones with natural silver fiber woven into their fabric. This unique sheet is offered free with any purchase for a limited time as a promotion. This product and the other both have a 3-week cleaning function and won't carry germs.

Not only does it get rid of the dirty laundry that's otherwise too tiring to deal with on the regular, but it also protects your skin from bacteria and keeps it cleaner than usual. So, are Miracle Sheets worth it? That being said, the answer is always yes for me. I loved its Silver infused antimicrobial technology that ensures the bed is always tidy.

And should I mention again that this is the perfect solution for the problem that keeps you up all night? With its thermoregulating features, it'll keep you comfortably warm during the winter, and pleasantly cool on hot summer nights. We'll be able to sleep well throughout the night, and should have minimal tossing, turning, and perspiring.

As a result, Miracle Sheets do worth every penny of our investment.

Is Miracle Sheets Legit? (Miracle Sheets Reviews)       

Miracle Sheets reviews categorically and unequivocally reassured all customers that Miracle Sheets is legit and genuine. They are cool to sleep on and feel soft and "silky".

Despite its low price, Miracle Sheets is not a scam. You can easily get your money back if you do not see results. thus, you can purchase the Miracle Sheets and use it for a few weeks.


What is the difference between Signature and Extra Luxe?

Miracle's signature sheets are made of high-quality long-staple cotton and woven in a percale weave to keep you cool and crisp throughout the night. Miracle's Extra Luxe sheets are made of USA-grown Supima cotton and woven in a sateen weave for an ultra-luxurious, silky feel.

What is the difference between Miracle’s towels and regular towels?

A towel contains bacteria and molds even after its first use. Miracle Sheets silver woven technology prevents 99.9% of all bacterial growth, keeping your towel fresh and clean every time.

How does Miracle Sheets return policy work?

It may be 30 days or longer before your refund has been issued. You'll need to contact them and request their email address to get a shipping label to send your order back.

What are the products made of?

Miracle bed sheets are produced in Bahrain and Miracle towels are produced in Turkey. All Miracle products are manufactured in the United States and then shipped internationally. Miracle Sheets are made from the world's most famous Supima cotton, grown in the central part of California. Miracle Sheets manufacturing partners, located in Bahrain and Turkey, have over 50 years of experience in the textile industry. Miracle Sheets's natural silver fiber is grown in North Carolina and shipped to be blended with Miracle Sheets's premium quality cotton.

How often do they have to be washed compared to regular sheets?

What that means is you won't have to do your laundry as often as normal if you get antimicrobial sheets, since they can be washed less frequently.

What are they made of?

Miracle Sheets towels are made of high-quality, USA-grown Supima cotton and blended with anti-bacterial silver that prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth! They are blended with anti-bacterial silver to stop bacteria from growing.

How does silver protect us?

Some metals like silver have been scientifically proven to keep bacteria away, as is the case with Miracle Sheets.

What is the thread count?

The Signature is a 350-thread-count sheet, while the Extra Luxe is a 500-thread-count sheet, but both are all-natural. The thread count refers to the density of the threads and not the thickness of the fabric. Miracle Sheets offer the best of both worlds in a unique mix of polyester and cotton that guarantees you'll have the best of both worlds in a unique mix of polyester and cotton.

Does it have strong chemicals?

Miracle Sheets products are OEKO-Tex Certified, which means that they are free of harmful chemicals.

How do I get in touch?

To contact them for general questions and updates about your order, please send an email to [email protected] For urgent exchanges, cancellations, or modifications, send an email to [email protected] the company responds within an hour during business days, and they are available 24/7.


While my first thought was skepticism, the more I read about these sheets, the more excited I became. With a satisfaction guarantee and all of the added benefits, there is no downside to trying these bed sheets. Just because you have sensitive skin or allergies doesn't mean you can't enjoy luxury bedding that won't make your problems worse--you just need to find brands like Miracle Bed Sheets that understand the needs of their customers.

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