MLM Software - Genealogy, Commissions, and bonuses & E-Wallet system with multi-language & currency

MLM Software - Genealogy, Commissions, and bonuses & E-Wallet system with multi-language & currency
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24 September

Top 6 Mlm Plugins in WordPress? 

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software for network marketing is a specialized software solution designed to support and manage the operations of MLM companies and their network marketing programs. MLM companies rely on complex compensation plans and hierarchical structures of distributors or members to sell products or services. MLM software automates and streamlines many aspects of running an MLM business. Here's how MLM software works in the context of various MLM compensation plans:

Types of Mlm Plugins

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software is a specialized software solution designed to help businesses manage and run their MLM or network marketing programs efficiently. MLM programs involve a hierarchical structure of distributors or members who earn commissions not only on their sales but also on the sales made by their downline recruits. Different MLM compensation plans determine how these commissions are calculated and distributed. 

MLM Software - Genealogy, Commissions, and bonuses & E-Wallet system with multi-language & currency

Here are explanations for some common MLM compensation plans:

Binary Plan:

  • In a Binary MLM plan, MLM software helps track and manage the binary tree structure, where each member has only two direct downline members.
  • It calculates commissions based on the sales volume of the weaker leg and offers tools for monitoring the growth and balance of both legs.

Board MLM Plan:

  • Board MLM software is used for managing board or matrix-based MLM plans, such as the Revolving Matrix Plan.
  • It automates the board cycling process, tracks member positions within boards, and calculates commissions and bonuses for completing boards.

Monoline MLM Plan (Single Line Plan):

  • Monoline MLM software is designed for linear or single-line MLM plans.
  • It tracks member positions in a single line, calculates commissions based on the position in the line, and helps manage the movement of members as new recruits join the line.

Force Matrix MLM Plan:

  • Force Matrix MLM software supports matrix-based plans with specific width and depth limitations.
  • It helps manage the forced matrix structure, calculates commissions, and tracks the progress of members as they build their matrices.

Hybrid MLM Plan:

  • Hybrid MLM plans combine elements of multiple compensation plans, making them more complex to manage.
  • MLM software for hybrid plans offers customization to support the unique combination of compensation structures, such as binary and unilevel, within the same organization.

Unilevel MLM Plan:

  • Unilevel MLM software is designed for plans where members can recruit an unlimited number of direct downline members.
  • It calculates commissions based on the sales volume of downline members and may include different commission levels or ranks within the organization.

MLM software typically includes features for member management, commission calculations, tracking sales and downline activities, generating reports, and providing communication tools for network marketers. The specific features and capabilities of MLM software may vary depending on the chosen compensation plan and the needs of the MLM company. When selecting MLM software, it's important to consider the plan's complexity and ensure that the software can effectively support and automate the plan's requirements.

MLM Software - Genealogy, Commissions, and bonuses & E-Wallet system with multi-language & currency

Feature of Mlm Plugins

MLM software or plugins typically include a range of features to support the various aspects of multi-level marketing. Here's an overview of the features you mentioned and how they are typically incorporated into MLM software:

Affiliate or Referral Commissions:

  • MLM software tracks sales generated by a member's referrals and calculates commissions based on these sales.

Level, Pair, or Matching Commissions:

  • MLM software calculates commissions based on various compensation structures, such as levels, pairs, or matching bonuses, depending on the MLM plan.

Join Commission:

  • Joining commissions are bonuses awarded to members when they recruit new members into the MLM program. MLM software manages and calculates these bonuses.

Company Commissions:

  • MLM software may include tools for the company to calculate and manage its own commissions or fees from the MLM program.

Regular Bonus:

  • Regular bonuses are typically based on sales volume or achievements within the MLM program and are managed and tracked by MLM software.

Royalty Bonus:

  • Royalty bonuses are additional commissions or rewards based on specific criteria. MLM software helps manage and calculate these bonuses.

Custom Bonus:

  • MLM software can be customized to support unique or specific bonus structures and criteria defined by the MLM company.

User Dashboard:

  • MLM software provides members with a dashboard where they can view their earnings, downline structure, and other relevant information.


  • MLM software generates and displays the hierarchical structure of a member's downline, showing their recruits and levels.


  • E-wallet functionality in MLM software allows members to manage their earnings and perform financial transactions within the MLM program.

Payout Report:

  • MLM software generates payout reports to show members how their commissions and bonuses were calculated for a specific period.

Run Payout and User Reports:

  • MLM software allows administrators to run payout reports and user-specific reports to manage commissions and payments.

E-Pin System:

  • An E-Pin system in MLM software enables the generation and management of unique codes used for product purchases, registrations, or other purposes.

E-Commerce System:

  • Some MLM software includes e-commerce capabilities for selling products or services directly through the MLM platform.

Products Sales:

  • MLM software tracks product sales made by members and calculates commissions based on these sales.

Member Management:

  • MLM software includes tools for member registration, account management, and communication.

These features may vary in complexity and customization options depending on the specific MLM software or plugin chosen. MLM companies often select software that aligns with their compensation plan and business model, and they may customize certain features to suit their unique needs.

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