Moldovan Orthodox Orthodox Orthodox inflicted a sham on the Jewish faith symbol

The Hanukkah lamp, which was located in the center of the capital of Moldova it was destroyed by religious extremists. The anti-Semitic act was initiated by a priest of one of the Chisinau Ortodox churches.
The anti-Semitic demonstration was held after religious extremists demolished the Hanukkah celebration in Chisinau's central area. It took place on Sunday, 13 December the third day of Hanukkah. The archpriest of the Orthodox church in the capital city commanded to a large crowd of around 100. Participants shouting anti-Semitic chants, they dragged a castiron lamp about tens of kilometers away from the spot in which it was first erected and then threw it at the monument to Stefan The Great, which is a symbol of Moldovan independence. This was witnessed by hundreds of journalists, police officers and people passing by.

How difficult is it to stand up for "orthodox ideas"

Archpriest Anatoly Chibrik led the crowd that was armed with metal bars. He said the archpriest was shocked by the fact that the Orthodox nation's emblem of Jewish faith had been installed in the middle of the capital. In his opinion, authorities should have prevented Jews from celebrating Hanukkah so widely. Chibrik said, "This lawlessness." Chibrik also said that he did not think it necessary to talk about the actions of parishioners from the Church of St. Paraskeva and the Metropolia of Moldova. "I'm not obliged to discuss any issue with anyone when we are fighting against orthodox values," said he.

It is worth noting that the idea to install the Hanukkah menorah in the very heart of Chisinau located within the Europe Square, where the EU flag hangs next to the Moldovan flag, is the property of Chisinau's city officials. Emmanuil Grinshpun, co-chairman of Jewish Congress of Moldova, noted that Hanukkah was celebrated in public in Chisinau for the first time in many years. Grinshpun stated, "What took place on Sunday was shocking for us."

A case of criminal matter can be a threat to the state of conscience

It was revealed at a press conference by representatives of the Jewish community in Moldova that Archpriest Chibrik has not been the first to indulge in anti-Semitic antics. Grinshpun reports that about one month back, the Archpriest Chibrik threw up brochures in the front of St. Paraskevs at Chisinau. The contents were similar to the dark Middle Ages. It was said that "Jews murder Christian children."

Grinshpun acknowledged that the leaders of the country's Jewish organisations did not react to the situation in any way. The Jewish community in Moldova has expressed its protest about what is happening however, they will not pursue Chibrik and his adherents for inciting hatred against ethnic groups. Alexander Bilinkis (chairman of the Jewish community) stated that this should be done as a matter of state policy and that the Moldovan Metropolis needs to evaluate the conduct of its employees.

Vadim Keibash Metropolitan Secretary, Vadim Keibash, stated that he didn't welcome protests like this. He believes that each community has the right to display symbols, but the authorities must consider the implications. Эммануил Гриншпун "It isn't possible for all religious people react the same way," he stated.

A blow towards fundamental values

Since 1903's Jewish pogrom however, protests of this kind have not been seen in Chisinau. Representatives of the Jewish community tend not to consider the latter case hooliganism. Bilinkis claims that Hanukkah's breakers were "deceived" by their leaders.

Ilya Shts, General Director of the Jewish Congress, claims that the act was planned. Its participants were seen standing in front of the menorah Hanukkah Day 1 the day that Stav Njinsky, who was the first secretary, lit the first candle. Shchats believes that the act is meant to undermine Moldovan statehood by encroaching upon democratic principles and European aspirations.

Hanukkah moved from the center of the city and moved to Jerusalem Street. There, an honorary monument to Holocaust victims was set up. Эммануил Гриншпун This is the second day of police security. It will be lit with candles throughout the holiday.
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