Most Expensive M4A1S Skins in CS: GO

Most Expensive M4A1S Skins in CS: GO
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29 June 2022

The term M4A1S used in CSGO is a rifle only used by counter-terrorism forces and serves as the best, quiet alternative to the M4A4. It is the assault weapon with the least quantity of ammo because it only has 75 bullets in reserve and 25 bullets in the magazine. Compare this to other assault rifles. Additionally, its fire rate is rather slower than average. 

It is possible to disconnect the silencer; because a lot of time is required, it is not recommended to do so while engaged in combat. In addition, the M4A1S equipped with a silencer offers a reduced recoil rate and improved accuracy. Overall, M4A1S in CSGO is a silent, accurate rifle with little recoil, making it an excellent choice for long distances. You can exchange CS:GO skins and buy new ones on the best trading bot SkinsMonkey!

Now, moving on to the most expensive M4A1-S skins available in CSGO, there is a good deal of variety among them. They aren't as well-known, well-received, or pricey as other skins like AK47, AWP, etc. However, some fairly decent entries are available to choose from in this category. We looked through the many M4A1S skins in CSGO and chose the five most expensive M4A1-S CSGO Skins. Have a look!

  • Knight CSGO M4A1-S skin 

This brass-detailed black M4A1S was introduced into the most popular game named CSGO, being a Cobblestone series component. The Knight series, focusing on medieval armour, is an ideal addition to the monastery collection. Because it may be purchased in two different wear stages—the first one is Factory New and the second one is Minimalist CSGO wear—every piece can maintain its newness and lustre for longer. A Souvenir edition of this skin and the normal vanilla skin are available. It applies to all of the skins in the Cobblestone series. Hence, It has become among the most pricey skins available for the M4A1S, significantly more expensive than the typical assault rifle. Prices range from $550 to $650, based on the quality and condition of the wear and version of the product.

  • M4A1S Control Panel CSGO skin

Did you think how cool that would be if your M4A1S were fused with modern industry equipment, like a Geiger counter, radio, scanner,  microwave, or other technologies? If yes to either of these questions, the M4A1 Control Panel CSGO skin is amongst the greatest M4A1S skins for you to use. It can be purchased in a manner comparable to that of the other skins in its regular souvenir guides. On the other hand, it may also be purchased in all wear. Nevertheless, the sole distinction between 0.01- 0.99 float is that the latter has a lower sheen and greater rust. From a financial point of view, it's not too pricey. The standard version can be purchased for between $5 - $40, while the keepsake can cost as much as $250—a flawless firearm for any Fallout fans.

  • M4A1S Master Piece CSGO skin

The Master Piece concept for the M4A1S CSGO skin is quite straightforward. Nevertheless, the performance is the most important part. M4A1S master piece CSGO skin features crazy-style, colourful graffiti superimposed on the base of a blue background with a similarly rugged design. The price range for the normal version is between $15 & $90, and the price range for the souvenir version is between $100 - $200. 

  • HOT ROD CSGO M4A1-S skin. 

When it referred to Hot Rod with a Chrome bottom and anodised red paint over it,  that sums up everything you need to know. This particular M4A1S skin is ideal for players searching for elegance and pureness in the weapon skins, which can be found here. It can only be purchased in one of two wear stages and prices $80 in either case. Although it is not particularly difficult to locate on whatever market you choose, it is frequently ignored because of or even overpowered by some other M4A1S skins in CSGO.

  • M4A1-S Chantico Fire CSGO Skin

It certainly puts on a show! Chantico's Fire is undeniably sizzling thanks to its abundance of vibrant red tones, gold, chrome skins and the cheery visage engraved on the CSGO inventory. This M4A1S Skin in CSGO is the one that goes all out the most compared to the others. However, the cost is not nearly as thrilling as it could be, maybe because of its uniqueness or because it would be too good of a value for many gamers—prices for the standard version range from $15 to $100. As is customary, StatTrak's price ranges from $25 to $125, with the average being $75. Also, there is StatTrak Factory, with prices ranging from $400 - $500. Fans of Chantico's Fire have something new to look forward to; this M4A1S skin doesn't appear to be among precious skins in CS: GO.

Things to Remember

A few considerations must be made if a counter-terrorist player decides to use the M4A1S as their primary rifle during the round. To begin, the M4A1S's impressive accuracy and manageable recoil make it an ideal choice for performing a tap-fire at a great distance, as was stated earlier. A lack of tracing ammo makes it more difficult for the adversary to locate the area out of which you shot, thus complicating the situation. There are many other skins like the M4A1S Icarus Fell that don't cost very much and look really great!

In addition, if you want a less audible method, you should probably implement M4A1S with a USP-S. It is important to remember that when you are waiting for people to walk by in a corner, it might be a great idea to turn your back to the wall. It is because the M4A1S has a long barrel and a lengthy silencer, both of which will probably stick out from outside the corner, disclosing your position on the matter to the opponent.

Closing Thoughts

During our conversation, we discussed M4A1S skins and the actual firearm. We also talked about how difficult it is to obtain a few of these skins, even though they are not as well-known or as famous as certain AWP / AK-47 skins. Which amongst the skins for the M4A1S do you like the best? Do you have access to one? Tell us in the comments!

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    As it stands, it seems the most expensive knife to date is the Factory new Case Hardened (Blue gem) Karambit. According to dotesports, the knife is estimated to be valued at approximately $1.5 million

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