Most Smartest character in MCU movies

Most Smartest character in MCU movies

Marvel, when we here this word only one image is form in our mind is the legend Tony Stark the ironman and his superhero team The Avengers which include fans favorite Captain America{Steve Rogers}, hulk{Bruce Banner}, Black Widow{natasha romanoff}, Thor Odinson and scarlet witch{Wanda Maximoff}. These character ‍made our childhood special and full of nostalgic feeling when we imagine.

Most Smartest character in MCU movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU is a American franchise created by Marvel Studios in 2008 and set primarily in a shared universe. Starting with Iron Man in 2008 then The Incredible Hulk in 2008 Iron Man 2 in 2010 then Thor in 2011 and so on. From Ironman in 2008 to Dr strange marvel release 30 Films and many movies are not just movie for marvel fans they are emotions and feeling which we can feel. so moviesjaggat has brought for Most Smartest character in MCU

List of Most Smartest Character in MCU Movies

Most Smartest character in MCU movies

Peter Parker

In Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), Peter Parker show's us as a 18-year-old boy in Civil War. but his smartness can't be neglected according to his age and stupidity he have's because he invented his own webbing fluid at very small age with limited resources. However, he also has very limited access to technology or the funds to obtain it since he belong to middle class. 

Most Smartest character in MCU movies

First time in MCU we seen him in Civil War he is shown bringing home with a dvd player to repair. After that we seen him in various marvel movies like Avengers:Infinity war, Endgame and in solo movies Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from Home and spider-man no way home.

Doctor Strange

Most Smartest character in MCU movies


After Having five PhDs from a medical school and being one of the best surgeons in the U.S. definitely makes you one of the smartest superheroes in the MCU Universe. Although not in our universe, one of Strange's variants was also a founding member of The world strongest team Illuminati, whose rules strictly say that you need at least 225 IQ to join. Yes, he is not a tech-savvy person like Stark and Banner, but he's smart in a different field. He was able to decipher an old text that only the Ancient One could read and used his photographic memory to study the arts unknown to him, eventually becoming, for a short time at least, the Sorcerer Supreme.


In MCU universe, Shuri is portrayed as smarter character than Bruce and Tony combined, but it would make many fans disagree on particular this topic after avengers infinity war. One of the major factor that Shuri get extra points from Bruce and Tony due to Wakanda have strongest metal on Earth called "Vibranium". 

Vibranium, gave her the chance to study it and understand it from a very young age and later she is successful in developed ways how to use it to Wakanda's advantage. It can also argued that her education was far superior than other characters' in marvel. Unlike Tony's have's family privilege, Shuri was a major contribution to her country's tech development.

Bruce Banner

Most Smartest character in MCU movies

Bruce Banner as a Hulk is one of the lovable ‍character in marvel comic's and movies. As per the comics and movies, Banner's have strong body with an intelligent mind. In Thor:Ragnarok banner reveal he have seven PhDs in total which is very big deal in itself. He has also helped to develop technology for the Avengers, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. 

His intelligence is very overlooked in marvel, but we have to remember the fact that despite being academically isolated due to having to live as Hulk, he was able to immediately keep up with Tony's{Ironman} after his introduction to the Avengers.

Tony Stark

Most Smartest character in MCU movies

Ahh, Tony Stark the "Ironman" one of the famous character in marvel and also all over the world after the release of Ironman in 2008. He is famous for his arrogant, reckless, carefree and playboy nature. With Ironman MCU takes first step in superhero's universe. Robert Downey Jr{Tony Stark} have huge contribution every MCU today.

Tony Stark can be arrogant and reckless hero, but there is no denying that he is one of the top smartest character in comics well as movies. Throughout the MCU, he has shown just how much he can accomplish with his creative and ambitious mind. And despite there being many other very smart heroes in the MCU but there are many times when Tony puts them all to shame.


In Marvel Cinematic Universe, He is perhaps the most evil, bloodthirsty, and powerful villain in the movies and comics. but we can't neglected his smartness in movies like avengers infinity war and avengers endgame when he is collecting stones and use his smartness and mindgame multiple against all avengers and guardians.‍ He is also called the Mad Titan.

Most Smartest character in MCU movies
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