Ms Marvel Considered Dream Come True by Pakistani Muslim Artist

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The stars Ms. Marvel is constantly praising the way the production team has packaged Pakistani and Muslim culture in the series. Mehwish Hayat, the Karachi-born actress who plays Aisha, said she was amazed when she found out that Ms. Marvel brings the story of Pakistanis who are not portrayed as criminals.

Ms Marvel Considered Dream Come True by Pakistani Muslim Artist

In an exclusive interview with, the ancestor of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) said it was like a dream come true. "It was like a dream come true. I have talked a lot about how Muslims and Pakistanis are often misunderstood by Westerners and in the Bollywood industry," said Hayat some time ago.

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"I was amazed to know Pakistani actresses have a global platform where we are not portrayed as criminals, but just normal people," said Hayat. This sense of pride is evidenced by various Muslim and Pakistani references inserted in Ms. Marvel. The audience can watch Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and other teenagers carry out Muslim activities in general, such as going to the mosque to celebrating Eid.

All of this is presented without negative tendencies, and is not exaggerated. The creators and directors seem to be trying their best in describing the community.

"I like the way the creators show a lot of diversity and also include Muslim culture," said Hayat. "We have all witnessed Pakistan and also Karachi, my hometown and where I live. I feel very proud of that."

As reported by Time some time ago, the creator of Ms. Marvel said it deliberately built a world that showcases South Asian culture and history through the scenes and dialogues of the cast. Kamala and her schoolmate Kamran discuss their favorite film starring Bollywood icon Shahrukh Khan, Kamala also praises Baazigar.

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The two teenagers also discussed Riz Ahmed's music group, Swet Shop Boys. Meanwhile, Kamala's parents listened to Ko Ko Korina, a song from the 60s that was played on television. Bisha K. Ali who acted as creator and Head of the Writing Team Ms. Marvel also revealed this project to be a great opportunity for him to celebrate Muslim and Pakistani culture.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ali even admitted that he never expected to be able to showcase their culture when writing the series with his team who are also of Pakistani descent.

"To be honest, writing with other Pakistani writers is a rare thing," Ali said. "We were like, 'Are we really voicing our Pakistani experience at Marvel Studios? What's going on?'"

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Ali and other creators feel the same way. They are happy and proud after successfully bringing the culture that is inherent as their identity into a spectacle witnessed by a global audience. Ms. Marvel carries the coming-of-age genre with a superhero story wrapped. The series is adapted from the Marvel Comics characters who first appeared in 2013.

Bisha K. Ali acts as creator of Ms. Marvel. Meanwhile, this series consists of six episodes worked on by a number of directors. Besides Iman Vellani, this series also stars a number of young actors. Some of them are Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli, Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia Bahadir, and Aramis Knight as Kareem.

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