Netgear EAX11 Setup | AX1600 setup

Netgear EAX11 Setup | AX1600 setup
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27 December 2022

Start the Netgear EAX11 setup procedure now. However, let's educate ourselves with the Netgear EAX11  4-stream  extender before we begin the setup process. Due to its dual-band technology, it has the ability to quickly expand your wireless router. After completing the Netgear EAX11 Setup, you will be able to expand your network even to the dead zone parts of your house or workplace. With a dual-core CPU running at 880 MHz, it has a maximum speed of 1.6 Gbps, allowing for 4k UHD streaming and gaming. This blog post will walk you through the process of configuring an older Nighthawk EAX11 or setting up a new Nighthawk EAX11.

Netgear EAX11 setup gives  high speed internet connection.It offers you AC dual band WiFi and quick WiFi performance. The Netgear WIFI extender attached to your current router creates a Fastlane connection.

There are three primary ways to set up a Netgear EAX11 : manually, with installation aid, and utilising WPS.

How to log into my  Netgear EAX11 (AX1600)

To login your Netgear EAX11 AX1600 follow the instructions given below:

  • From a smartphone or tablet linked to your extender's network, open a web browser.
  • Enter into the address bar of your web browser if your extender and router have distinct WiFi network names (SSIDs).
  • Enter http://extender's IP address> into the email box of your browser if your extender and router share the same Wireless internet name (SSID).
  • Press ENTER
  • Fill your username and password.
  • Press the login button.
  • To review and modify the extender's options, choose Settings.

 If you face any issue while connecting your Netgear AC1600 Setup then feel free to contact us on our official website or via live chat with our technicians.

Netgear EAX11 setup via WPS method

WPS (WIFI PROTECTED SETUP) is the easiest way for the setup of the netgear wifi extender. Follow the instructions as written below:

  • Firstly, power on  your extender.
  • Now press the WPS button  for some time.
  • Your LED indicator will then turn green, indicating that your extender and router are correctly connected.
  • Do the same thing once more with the dual band range extender.
  • Use the same network password here that you would for your router's network.
  • At last link your  wifi system to the extended Netgear_EXT SSID .

Netgear  EAX11 Setup via  Manual method

Manual Method  is also called web browser setup. To know  how to set up netgear wifi extender manually then follow the instructions given below :

  • Firstly, switch on the Netgear extender by attaching it to an electrical outlet .
  • Connect your router with your netgear extender.
  • Click the network manager and link to Netgear_EXT SSID.
  • Open any browser 
  • Access the mywifiext login page by default.
  • If you don't have an account then create an account on it
  • Tap next and,
  • Now tap the finish button.

Your Netgear EAX11  Setup process by manual method is successfully completed.

How to connect Netgear EAX11  with

The IP address for installing an extender or putting a brand-new one is A lot of the while, consumers struggle to comprehend it. To understand what it does and how to access it, you must first understand what it is connected to. Use this IP address to connect to the Wi-Fi extender's personal devices. Let us just learn further about Netgear EAX11 AX1600 before delving deeper into or A Netgear extender is a gadget used to boost a router's connection and range. The amount of devices that can connect to Wi-Fi networks and the signal intensity are usually limited.

Factory reset on Netgear  EAX11 AX1600 

To reset the netgear WIFI extender setup  follow the steps given below:

  • Switch on your extender , the LED lights will turn green in colour.
  • Now to stabilise LED lights  on your extender  , this will take at least 5 minutes Detect your extender's reset button.
  • Using an item of a similar size, press and hold the reset button for up to 10 seconds to cause the LED light to blink.
  • At least 5 minutes will pass while the LED lights on your extension are stabilising.

Now that your Netgear wifi extender has been successfully reset.

Please feel free to contact our professionals through live chat if you still have any questions about the NETGEAR  EAX11 AX1600 SETUP reset procedure.


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