New Preview for PowerShell 7 released: final Release in January

Alex Alex 28 October 2019
New Preview for PowerShell 7 released: final Release in January

The fifth Preview for PowerShell 7 was released. New experimental Features are included, and also the move .NET Core 3.1 Preview 1 was completed. At the same time, the updated Release has been communicated to planning.

PowerShell 7 Preview 5 has been released and brings some experimental Features, including the Chain Operator and Null Conditional Operator. You can parallel to a stable PowerShell Version is to be operated. Microsoft deviates from the original planning for PowerShell 7, the beginning of the year, with Roadmap was announced. PowerShell 7 will replace both the current PowerShell as PowerShell Core.

According to the Roadmap, the final Release should be a month .NET Core 3.0 will appear. Now would be that time since .NET Core 3.0 at the end of September, but is completely empty PowerShell is not going users thanks to the new Preview yet.

PowerShell 7 Preview 5

With Preview 5 to is PowerShell 7 .NET Core 3.1 Preview 1 moved and some experimental Features have made it into the Release. Including the Get-Error cmdlet concise view for $error view, as well as the Pipeline Chain Operators && and || in the PowerShell Language.

The new operators allow the conditional execution of commands depending on whether the previous command is successful (&&) or not (||) has been executed:

Chain Operator in PowerShell 7 Preview; source: Microsoft

As a further experimental operators ?? for Null Coalescing, and ??= Null Coalescing Assignment found their way in the Preview. A Breaking Change was introduced: $PSCulture refers to the value of the current thread.Current culture.


Together with the final Release of .NET Core 3.1 is to be released in December, a Release Candidate for PowerShell 7. In January, the final Release will appear. Between RC and the final Release no new Features are being implemented, but only critical Bugs should be fixed. Experimental Features in PowerShell 7 will apply to this time as the stable, so future design changes to it as Breaking Changes are handled.

for More information about PowerShell 7 Preview 5, there are blog entry and the Release Notes.


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