Next.js: The Perfect Framework for React Developers To Improvise Their Projects

Next.js: The Perfect Framework for React Developers To Improvise Their Projects
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23 September 2021

The world of the web has witnessed a revolution in the last decade. However, this revolution in web technologies has resulted in the emergence of a variety of web technologies which has continued to confuse the merchants and developers while developing websites and web applications. And with new technologies emerging every day it gets even more confusing for developers to choose the right technology stack for project development. This is why it is crucial for every developer to keep an eye on the new releases available in the market.

Further, in the industry, one of the most popular technologies of web development is React.js. The majority of developers use React.js for frontend development. However, creating a mix of static and dynamic pages for websites and web applications using server-side rendering can be a time taking and difficult process for a hire React js developer. For this, choosing better alternative technologies such as Next.js is crucial for merchants. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into the benefits of Next.js. But before we dive into that, let us take a look at the basic definition of Next.js.

What is Next.js?

Next.js is a fantastic and feature-rich web development framework that can easily aid merchants in creating amazing, unique, and out-of-the-box websites. It is an amazing tool that can be used for efficient server-side rendering. It is also compatible with Webpack and babel. This framework also makes it easier for developers and React js development services to stick to standard SEO best practices. Hence, in a nutshell, we can define Next.js as “A web development framework based upon React.js that is focused on making the server-side rendering process much more efficient for developers”.

Beneficial features of Next.js for upscaling React-based project development

Next.js was created basically to aid react.js programmers to improve their project development process and efficiently create webpages with a lesser amount of code. However, Next.js has evolved to a great extent with its latest updates. Hence, understanding the features it offers is crucial for coders and merchants to make the best out of this amazing technology without any hassles. Below are some of the amazing features offered by Next.js that can easily aid developers in creating offbeat websites and web applications:


  1. Next.js enables coders to create static pages using a dynamic path. This means that with the help of Next.js the URL path is saved as the Static page and whoever seeks the URL path is served with the code for that specific URL. This makes editing static pages and modifying them a very convenient process for developers.

  2. Next.js is extensively supported by Webpack 5. This as a result can aid coders and merchants to access a number of amazing libraries for optimizing the website’s performance. Further, this feature also makes the codes written in Next.js very lightweight.

  3. Next.js also supports Typescript and Sass modules for web development. This, as a result, provides developers a uniform front-end development experience. This also helps them in creating high-quality frontends without any hassles.

Wrapping up on Next.js

Next.js can be an amazing aid for merchants and developers in creating efficient web applications and websites. As with the aid of Next.js, developers can perform server-side rendering with ease and can create lightweight code to make their products perform faster and more efficiently. So, adapt to Next.js for React js based projects today to achieve better profits and sales.

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