Node.js 13 published in: JavaScript Engine V8 in Version 7.8 included

Alex Alex 24 October 2019
Node.js 13 published in: JavaScript Engine V8 in Version 7.8 included

Node.js 13 was published. The new Current Release with the current edition of V8. The JavaScript Engine to offer in Version 7.8, some of the Performance improvements, which relates to, among other things, the start time of WebAssembly.

Node.js has published a new Current-release branch: Version 13. Thus, the previous Current Version node.js 12 is in the Status of a Long-Term Support (LTS) Release, supported until October 2020 as a Maintenance Release. In contrast, node.js 13 will not be a LTS Release, as it is for Releases with the odd Numbers is common. What's New in v13.0?

V8 Version 7.8 and full-icuSupport

at the end of September appeared the Beta Version of 7.8 for the V8 Engine, which is Google's Open-Source Engine for JavaScript. Now the new Version has found its way into node.js 13, and is intended to bring Performance improvements in terms of the WebAssembly start time, the Object Destructuring, and the use of disk space.

in Addition, all of the new Node.js Releases are now included by default support for full-icu. All of the Locales supported by ICU (International Components for Unicode), therefore, are on Board, and APIs Intl-reference can output other values than in the past.

the Release Notes can be viewed all innovations in node.js 13.0.0. Shortly thereafter, Version 13.0.1 with a Bugfix to correct an error in npm 6.12.0.


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