Nothing Phone 1 - Doing It Right

Nothing Phone 1 - Doing It Right
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Less than 20 hours before the official  launch of the Nothing Phone 1, nearly   everything there is to know about the phone has  been either teased or leaked. But despite that,   the company keeps on pushing new information, thus  keeping people hyped up for their phone.

You see,   we live in a time where most of the things we  see in a smartphone have reached saturation level   in one way or the other. But nothing has  successfully managed to carve out a space   for itself with a unique-looking handset.  We all thought, the uniqueness of this   phone would only be limited to just the looks  itself but turns out that is not the case. 

With Nothing Phone 1, the company offers a  few things that no other company is offering   in the price segment.

The first one is the  phone's fingerprint scanner capabilities.   Earlier, it was thought that they would use a  side-mounted fingerprint scanner on this phone, but the company confirmed that is not true. It  will have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Now,   what's different is the type. As you can see,  it's fast, as fast as you'd expect from a 2022   smartphone. And what's impressive is it could be  the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Only a small   number of smartphones, like the Samsung flagships,  now employ ultrasonic fingerprint sensors since   they are far more expensive than optical ones.

The optical scanner which almost all Android   OEMs use except Samsung for their flagships  is a less secure 2D scanner that requires   illuminating a portion of the screen, so a sensor  can optically "see" your fingerprint. As you can,   we can not see any light here which almost  confirms that the phone is using a more secure   3D Ultrasonic scanner, differentiating itself from  the pack of other non-Samsung Android OEMs.   Second, the phone is offering wireless charging,  reverse wireless charging, and a high-quality   AMOLED, something you won't find in these price  brackets.

Third, many people were disappointed   to see just two cameras on this phone. But Nothing  said they preferred experience to specs. I mean   it has a 50MP main camera with a 16MP Ultrawide  camera, and this ultrawide camera will also double   as a macro camera, something you see OEMs do on  flagships. Plus, it can also record in10-bit color,   something you see on flagship phones. That  means every video can capture 1 billion   colors, up from 16 million in 8-bit videos, which  is common in midrange phones.

On top of that,   it also has dual OIS and EIS stabilization. The company has also shared the camera samples,   and for the price, I would say these  are pretty good with natural colors.   It doesn't have a telephoto camera, but the  advantage of a 50MP sensor is that the phone   can crop in without losing much detail.  However, it would have been appreciated if   there was a dedicated telephoto camera. The phone also has a 120Hz display which   can switch to 60Hz when viewing a still  subject, which would preserve some battery   life. Also, here's the box of the phone, which  confirms their won't be a charger inside.   All in all, the Nothing Phone  1 looks pretty good so far

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