Novum Drone Review 2022: Novum Drone Scam Exposed?

Novum Drone Review 2022: Novum Drone Scam Exposed?
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01 September 2022

The Novum drone has been making waves in the quadcopter scene, and many have been wondering if it’s really worth the hype. Well, this Novum drone review will tell you all about what this model offers and what makes it stand out from the crowd. I’ll also offer up my thoughts on whether this camera drone is worth your hard-earned money or not. So read on to find out more!

With regards to drone photography, it is a fact that you get what you pay for. Nevertheless, the question still remains Decide how much you want to spend. If you're interested in capturing pictures and videos while you fly, consider Novum Drone, which provides plenty of features at a fair price. Should you buy this drone? What does it have that others don't? Want to know more about this awesome flying camera? Keep reading!

If you want to take high-quality aerial photos and videos with the push of a button, the Novum Drone is perfect for you.

Novum Drone Review 2022: Novum Drone Scam Exposed?

Visit Novum Drone’s Official Website To Purchase

What is Novum Drone

Drones have become more popular in recent years, and because of that, professionals are able to take images and videos from more difficult-to-reach locations. In addition, the videos that drones take provide a bird's eye view from high up in the sky. This is an essential piece of equipment for photographers, especially.

First, please read this review carefully if you are unfamiliar with drones or looking for a new drone after yours was damaged. With that said, let's begin.

Novum Drone captures spectacular landscapes, designed to take quality photos and videos while flying with stability. As the name implies, Novum Drone flies while taking pictures and videos.

Even though they are not well-liked, drones are rather unique, if you can see past the reputation. Along with its extended flight time, this drone is great for taking pictures from above.

Novum Drone Review 2022: Novum Drone Scam Exposed?

How does Novum Drone work?

Even novices will be able to use Novum Drone based on its simplicity and user interface. It comes with a user manual with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

In order to fly the drone and take aerial footage, you can either use the remote control or a smartphone or tablet app. There are simple instructions given on the remote control.

For example, the quadcopter can be operated remotely via a smartphone app, which has an intuitive interface.

Specifications of Novum Drone

  • Excellent battery life
  • axis Gyro
  • 4GHz Frequency:
  • long flight time
  • 15-31 minutes of running time
  • Time to charge: 60-70 minutes

Features of Novum Drone

  • Foldable Design: One of the key features of the Novum Drone is that it folds up into a small package, which is great for people who shoot videos and photos at multiple locations since it is easy to transport. It can be folded up easily and stored in your pocket or bag.
  • Camera Integration: It records 1080p HD photos and videos with a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens.
  • Bird's Eye View: This drone provides bird's-eye views and crisp images of your surroundings, as well as the ability to capture moments from an aerial perspective.
  • Panorama Viewing Mode: Novum makes capturing extraordinary scenes easier with your remote so your videos really stand out.
  • Micro SD Cards: With Novum you can save photos and videos to an SD card (not included) or record right to your phone.
  • Drone Flight Speed: Novum drone currently has the best package for speed for the size and what it has in its capabilities. Remote connectivity, smartphone, application and a live video feed to the app are all included.


Advantages of Using Novum Drone

  • Resolution: The Novum Drones take beautiful pictures and videos in stunning 4K resolution. They're more than just a camera. These HD720p cameras will allow viewers to see breathtaking sights in razor-sharp detail.
  • Small and Portable: Novum Drone is both compact and portable, and it can record videos in high definition as well as take photos and videos. The Novum is a small and portable device that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Novum Drone Package

  • 1 quadcopter Skyline drone
  • 1 remote controller with the transmitter.
  • 1 drone battery that can be recharged.
  • 1 cable for charging.
  • There is only one user manual.

As part of Novum's commitment to its customers, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If a buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, a replacement will be provided.

Novum Drone Review 2022: Novum Drone Scam Exposed?

Prices Details

  • 1 Novum Drones for $ 106.95
  • 3 Novum Drones for $ 197.00
  • 5 Novum Drones for $ 297.00


Visit Novum Drone’s Official Website To Purchase

What Makes Novum Drones So Popular?

big, heavy gadgets are no longer necessary.

  • This drone is the perfect size because of its well-designed, ultra-compact design.
  • The Novum Drone has the best features of many high-quality drones, and makes capturing images an enjoyable activity.

Where To Buy Novum Drones?

Visit the official website of Novum Drones.

Why You Should Acquire Novum Drone?

In addition to taking photos or recording footage, you can also use panoramic images or videos for aerial photography, which will distinguish you from other photographers.

The combination of movies and aerial images is an excellent combination, as they can be used to create professional photographs no matter where you are. a drone may be worth investing in if you're a frequent traveler since they can assist in taking such photos.

Novum Drone Review 2022: Novum Drone Scam Exposed?



  1. Is the Novum Drone a Good Investment?

Based on reviews of Novum Drones, this camera produces beautiful, high-quality images with extreme accuracy. It's easy to use, light, and compact.

  1. Who is Novum Drone not for?

You cannot use this drone underwater or if you require a waterproof drone.


 Novum Drone's Customer Reviews

“Whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced flier who needs it for business and media, the Novum is an incredible piece of technology that can take your videos to a whole new level.”

- James P. | Ft. Myers, FL

“Drones are getting more advanced and dropping in price as time goes by. But they're still not cheap by any means. To get a drone with a high-quality camera that creates stunning aerial photos and video like this at this price is almost unheard of. This is one of the best drones on the market and great value.”

- Bob C. | Breckenridge, CO

“I feel like I'm going to use this for everything. I've had it less than a week and I've already captured my daughter riding her bike without training wheels for the first time, found a ball she launched onto the roof a few weeks ago, and helped my boss film some promotional video for the company. Haven't crashed it yet!”

- Jillian R. | New York, NY

“I love taking this thing to the beach at sunrise and sunset. It does give you a bird's eye view of the entire ocean. You see it from their perspective. When it's far enough out over the water all the people look like little dots walking along the water. The lights reflect off the water crystal clear. The 1080p is cool.”

- Dale B. | San Diego, CA


Looking for a small, portable drone that is priced fairly and provides high-quality video and photography? Consider the Novum Drone, which provides long-lasting power and 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Our experts highly recommend the Novum Drone, so come in and get the lowdown on their unique features. Drones are high-end products that cost more for quality and dependability. The Novum drone is recommended to anyone who wants a high-quality and affordable drone camera. It can be ordered by visiting their official website.

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