Now it's allegedly confirmed: Fixed buttons on the iPhone have been postponed

Now it's allegedly confirmed: Fixed buttons on the iPhone have been postponed
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09 May 2023

For months, there have been rumors about new fixed buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro. A shareholder letter from a supplier provides evidence that this will not happen for the time being.

A letter to the shareholders of Apple supplier Cirrus Logic suggests that Apple did indeed plan to use solid-state buttons for the iPhone 15 Pro in the fall. However, for unspecified reasons, this plan has been postponed for the time being. As a result, the management of Cirrus Logic is preparing shareholders for a decrease in revenue in a letter.

There are numerous indications that the unnamed customer is Apple:

  • First, a smartphone is mentioned that is supposed to be released in the fall.
  • Second, the customer is also very secretive internally about its future plans.
  • And third, in 2022, Apple was Cirrus Logic's largest customer with a 79 percent share - such a large order that would require a change in revenue expectations is very likely to be related to the iPhone manufacturer.

Fixed buttons beneficial for manufacturers

For months, there has been speculation that Apple could replace the movable buttons for volume, on/off, and mute on the iPhone with simulated ones. The haptic feedback would then be generated by Taptic Engines. Apple users are already familiar with this from the trackpad in current MacBooks or from earlier iPhones with a Touch ID home button. Fixed buttons are advantageous for manufacturers because they eliminate openings through which water can enter and the elimination of movable parts can also reduce the repair and service requirements for customer devices.

Cirrus Logic refers to the necessary component for this as a high-performance mixed-signal (HPMS) segment. The Texas-based company had indicated in November 2022 that it expects a large order for this year. Technical problems are said to be responsible for the expected delay, according to analysts, due to which Apple has postponed the conversion. Apple traditionally remains silent on such issues. However, it is still expected that, in a first step this fall, the toggle switch for muting will be replaced by a new button that will resemble the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

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