npm 7: Feature discussion and plans for the Beta Release

Alex Alex 12 November 2019
npm 7: Feature discussion and plans for the Beta Release

npm 7 has been around for a while in work. The new Version of the Package Manager is supposed to bring some changes. Now there is Update on the state of things and the plans for the Beta Release.

With npm 7 to be delivered, among other things, the module Arborist, which is a Refactoring of the handling Package Trees in npm. As a result, the use of Dependency Trees is possible, created with yarn and pnpm. There are innovations in addition to the Support for Node.js the npm v7 will only support node.js 10 upward, the Support for older versions is discontinued. Both Node 6 and Node 8 will be like until the release of npm 7 already from the Support.

npm 7: new for Peer Dependencies

not Yet but were made all the decisions about the Design of the new npm Version. So, it is still unclear whether Peer Dependencies to be installed again in the future automatically. On the one hand, the current Situation was confusing for some users, especially new React users. On the other hand, a lump sum for Installation of the Peer Dependencies for those users could be problematic, the have adjusted to the current behavior. The Team behind the npm finds the current behavior of the Package Manager in terms of Peer Dependencies, but in any case, as a problem. So it must be ensured, otherwise than is hitherto the case, that in the creation of Trees possible conflicts with the Installation of these Dependencies will be observed. The current proposal to change the behavior of npm, you can in the corresponding RFC found.

The Beta of npm 7 was announced for the end of 2019. The Beta Phase is supposed to last a few months, so that is to be expected for 2020 with npm 7.

More information about the upcoming Release can be found in the npm Blog .


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