On-Demand App Development: Take A Step Into Gig Economy

On-Demand App Development: Take A Step Into Gig Economy

Major businesses are adopting on-demand application development to excel in the market as compared to previous times. Earlier, people preferred to utilize the offline business models compared to today's situation. 

But later, the people very soon started to suffer from time constraints in which they were falling short off. So, there was an intense need for some evolution to be brought amongst the people. Thus, entrepreneurs and development companies collectively came up with the solution of apps for performing businesses in the market.

As there is terrific usage of mobile phones amongst people from all over, the use of smartphones in people is expected to reach 7,690 users by 2027. The penetration of applications in the lives of people has risen to a considerable extent. They spent almost all their time using the apps available on smartphones. 

Thus, technology partners and business owners introduced apps for businesses in the market to utilize the penetration of apps in people's lifestyles. However, especially nowadays, most entrepreneurs prefer on-demand app development services that app development companies provide them. 

Many entrepreneurs were planning to develop on-demand apps to keep the businesses trending through apps satisfying all the needs of customers in the market. Apart from that, the on-demand apps cause a massive attraction among people and entrepreneurs because it's a part of the shared economy. Now, what does a shared economy mean? Let's go through it.

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What Does Shared Economy Mean?

A shared economy contains the list of tasks that the worker has to complete. The person willing to work can go for a specific duration of hours or based on the number of projects to accomplish. Nowadays, the preference for the gig economy amongst users is rising at a tremendous rate. 

The gig workers who work in different shifts and with different companies/clients also tend to earn equal to or more than the conventional job, which is one of the key reasons why the users prefer to work in the shared economy. In this system, neither a company nor the mediators connecting the contractors and clients are employers of a contractor. 

Moreover, the shared economy is mainly based on the platforms which connect the users looking for work with the companies that allow them to work from the remote location through apps/websites. The rise of the shared economy occurred because the workers in the gig economy don't have to work like the traditional job for fixed hours. Instead, they can work by flexible working hours according to their availability and earn equivalent or more than those working in a conventional job.

Similarly, on-demand apps work as a connector between the client and the business. Thus, implementing the shared economy in businesses helps them earn more through on-demand apps. Thus, the rise of the on-demand apps rose immensely in the market, and many entrepreneurs were thinking of developing their own go-to apps. Here are some companies which can help you to build an on-demand app.

On-Demand App Development Companies Which Can Help Entrepreneurs:

As an entrepreneur, if you are planning to develop your own go-to application, consider the following on-demand app development companies:

Elluminati Inc

The company serves the best on-demand app development services to its clients. They have been offering their services for many years to the businesses. However, the company is best known for delivering development support to its clients.


Mobisoft is one of the superior on-demand app development services providing company to its clients for their business to grow in the market. They have been serving their mastery in the industry for many  years to their clients. 


The firm is giving major on-demand app development services to many businesses in the market. They are serving their expertise for many years of experience in the market to their clients. They are also known for delivering services at reasonable prices to their clients.

Thus, above mentioned companies would help you develop your on-demand app. By consulting them, you can get your app developed in a bit of time. Now, let us go through the different business models for performing on-demand businesses, which you can implement in your business and can get apps developed accordingly.

Different Categories Of On-Demand Business Models:

There are basically 3 types of On-Demand Business Models from which you can choose from either of them suitable for your business.

  • Person to Person: In this model, the app serves as a medium for service providers and people who want to gain service.
  • Business to Consumer(B2C): The naive users are directly connected to the enterprises without any medium for connection.
  • Business to Business(B2B): The enterprises sell their services/products to another enterprise.

Hence, you can implement any of the business models which are mentioned above in your on-demand app as the demand for the shared economy is immense, as the Gig workers in the US in 2017 were about 55 million. As the figure is for the US alone, imagine the figure of gig workers if we consider the entire globe? 

Summing Up:

There will always be an evergreen demand for the on-demand apps among entrepreneurs and customers. Especially, the people prefer to use these apps to satisfy their purpose of accessing the various services by sitting in their homes. Moreover, the entrepreneurs can also get sufficient employees as they prefer to get work through an on-demand app. 

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