On the way to Angular 9: the first Release Candidate published

Alex Alex 04 November 2019
On the way to Angular 9: the first Release Candidate published

A big step on the way to a Major Release: The first Release Candidate for Angular 9 is available. Thus, the work of the Version in the final sprint. The official Update Guide summarizes now, once all of the new features.

Angular 8 has seen her to the doctor late in June, the light of the world. However, after the Release is before the Release, and already in the autumn of 9 is Angular in the Plan, to be more precise: in October or November it should be ready. If this deadline is met, or Angular 9 a Nikolaus gift? We will see it. However, there is still a long way, and first of all the smaller Releases, so the Angular 8.1, 8.2, etc. are traditionally in the house.

Angular 9: The Release Candidates

Angular 9.0.0-rc.0

Update from the 4. November 2019

The first Release Candidate for Angular 9 is there. Thus, the Angular Team makes a big step in the direction of the next Major Release. The RC-phase of the previous Releases were relatively short: For Angular 8, there were six RC-versions, Angular 7 came out even with just one, so the final Release in the last year on RC.0 followed.

How many Release Candidates Angular 9, is unknown. The work on major new features and Breaking Changes, however, seems to have been largely completed. The first Release Candidate brings a the Changelog no Changes, refer to the official Update Guide to the new Version. All the important innovations are summarised in v9. The Version has Breaking Changes, which can now be used in the overview presentation read. Part of this is that Ivy is known to be made to the default Compiler and Angular 9 TypeScript 3.6 requires. In addition, the change in tslib is still treated as a Breaking Change, as it has been involved as a Peer Dependency.

Angular 9: The Next versions

Angular 9.0.0-next.15

Update from 31. October 2019

Angular 9.0.0-next.15 focuses on the correction of errors. After the last Ivy standing in the center of the Feature development, show the Release Notes for the latest Next Version, of course, also other Parts of the framework are being worked on. So most of the bugs fixed in the Release in the area of the new compiler are again among the Features, two for Bazel and one for the Language Service, but in addition to a new feature for Ivy. In Bazel, an update of the Schematics on the recently released Version 1.0.0. In addition, the Bazel Schematics is now working with Ivy and the new Rollup_Bundle, replacing the Legacy Version. In the Feature area has been worked for Ivy even more on i18n Support. For the Language Service, a Feature has been implemented that allows the substitution of typed text proposals. Also a Change to the Performance improvement by Ivy is back again, this Time for Directives without the Selector.

More information about the new Version and all Changes in it are, as always, on GitHub which can be found at.

Angular 9.0.0-next.14

Update from 28. October 2019
9 is Angular not finished. On the way to the forthcoming Major Release of a Next Build is now available again, with a whole series of innovations. Again, the Release is all about Ivy. In this Version, the same three Performance improvements in the new Compiler, as well as numerous Features. This includes, for example, that the country may be an indication of the internationalization is now a global Property, which is read at Runtime. In addition, the Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc) have been added to some of the migration. For more information about the new Version can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.13

Update from 25. October 2019

Angular 9.0.0-next.13 brings new Features and bug fixes. Also a Breaking Change, which relates to Bazel: The Workspace @angular/bazel ng_setup_workspace() is no longer needed and was removed. Instead, it is assumed that rules_nodejs is referenced in the Workspace file, and no further dependencies remain. Therefore, it is sufficient to remove all the calls to this function, as well as the corresponding Load Statement.

As a new Feature for the Core was added to a generic type for the module with the provider that defines the module type. It should be required for all users in Angular 10, in Angular 9, however, only for Ivy-user. Ivy receives for Shim Generation own Compiler options and NgModules there are innovations. On a Request in Angular 9.0.0-next.13 in addition, private NgModules-Re-exports in ngcc possible. All of the new features in the current Next Version can be found the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.12

Update from 21. October 2019

With the Release of Angular 9.0.0-next.12, the Framework supports only TypeScript 3.6, not the previous versions 3.4 and 3.5. Thus, this Next Release brings again a Breaking Change. However, this is the only one. Further innovations relate to the Performance with Ivy. Here has among other things worked on the initialization of static attributes in Templates, which now takes place only in the first pass.

To the Feature innovations of Angular 9.0.0-next.12 heard that now the type checking for Event Bindings with Ivy is available. Also in the area of Ivy, the simplified Debugging for Styles and Classes falls. Several new features, including a Flag, the bootstrap options was added, had to be withdrawn. More detailed information can be found on the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.11

Update from the 16. October 2019

The TypeScript Runtime library tslib is not a direct Dependency of the Angular more. With the release of Angular 9.0.0-next.11 tslib in the Status of a Peer-Dependency is passed. For users who do not use the Angular-CLI, constitutes a Breaking Change, since you will need to install tslib manually. Also for Angular Forms v9 brings.0.0-next.11 is a Breaking Change with: <ngForm></ngForm> has been removed and can no longer be used as a Selector used. Instead, it must now be used with <ng-form></ng-form> worked. To one of the Breaking Changes in this context, that the warning has been removed. The third Breaking Change to the Forms consists in the removal of the form module.with config. Instead, form module can be used directly.

in addition to these Breaking Changes, the new Next Version of Angular 9 brings, of course, also some Feature Changes as well as Performance improvements and bug fixes. To see, as before, in the Next Releases for Angular 9 shows again that the Angular Team at the completion of the new compiler, Ivy, works. Here Version Next brings.11 various innovations: For the i18n Support in Angular 9 will be introduced with Ivy, a new Format that is still used to the old one, this had to be previously marked manually. To facilitate the Upgrade is enableI18nLegacyMessageFormat has been set, but will default to true. Among the other new features for Ivy

This is not, of course, still all of the new features fall into the area of the new compiler. Also, the Performance improvements in this Release belong to Ivy. Including, for example, that in setInputsFromAttrs now stricter Null Checks are performed.

for More information on these and all other new features can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.10

Update from 10. October 2019

Angular 9.0.0-next.10 ready for the Test: work on The Angular 9 continues, the new Major Version of the framework is not there. Only once has now cleaned up the Code-base. the Renderer, which is known from Version 4, is long deprecated and has now been removed, including the associated symbols. Instead, it must now be Renderer2 is used. Also new Features have made it into the Release. For Ivy two innovations with respect to the internationalization capabilities (i18n) can be found here, as in the Changelog:

  • ivy: i18n – implement compile-time inlining (#32881) (2cdb3a0)
  • the
  • ivy: i18n – render legacy message ids in $localize if requested (#32937) (bcbf3e4)

in addition, there are Feature-News for the Core, where Queries are now handled by default, dynamic. The staticFlag for view child and content label is now by default, to false. The Flag was also marked as optional. Other new Features relate to the Forms, the Language services, and ngcc.

For Performance the Update brings new Changes to Ivy. Information on these and all the other Changes to be removed from the Changelog.

Angular 9.0.0-next.9

Update from the 4. October 2019

With Angular 9.0.0-next.9 have done it four new Features in the upcoming Major Version, one of which is regarded as a Breaking Change. This Time, however, this is not a new feature of Ivy, or Bazel, but a Deprecation of the Service Worker, which has now been removed. So versioned files of the Service Worker Asset Group Configuration in ngsw-config is.json is no longer available.

Among the three other Feature-Changes brought by this Release is found, but also the new Compiler again: With Ivy, the Package @angular/localize can be added via ng add. Also Ivy the Performance improvement in the Release: The global State is not called repeatedly from the i18n Instructions, if the information is already available.

In addition, Angular 9.0.0-next updated.9 the required Version of RxJS Dependency on the v6.5.3. Also for the Linux Service, there's a new feature, which relates to the Loading of NgModules. If NgModules be loaded from the Language Service, will now be examined to see if an updated Version in the Cache is present. This is the case, it can be used.

In addition, a number of bug fixes in Angular 9.0.0-next was.9 implemented. An Overview of all the new features, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.8

Update from 26. September 2019

The ninth Next Release of Angular 9, v9.0.0-next.8, with only four new features, two of which are bug fixes for Ivy. Fixed an error which occurred in the context of the debugging of Component Elements. Here, the window.ng.getDebugNode will now output the necessary Debug info. The second fixes a Bug in Ivy refers to Map-based Bindings, which, under certain circumstances, intermediate values are skipped.

The Release also included a new Feature that was added to the Language Service. This can now determine which NgModule a Directive. The Performance improvement is, however, in Ivy: The extra safe style Detection Code has been removed.

for More information about the Release can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.7

Update from 19. September 2019

Angular 9.0.0-next.7 is here! Again, the Version brings a whole new set of Features, including some new features for Ivy. Also on the Performance of the new compiler was working. The Release brings, but also Breaking Changes.

For Ivy were with Version Next.7 of Angular 9 different innovations delivered. Including both bug fixes as well as new Features and Performance improvements. Also, the two Breaking Changes in the Release associated with Ivy. One of them relates to Translations, which can be loaded with the function load translations(). Here must be MessageId used for the Key, not the String source message. For the $localize-function changed the Imports. The global Scope will now be imported from @angular/localize/init, while load translations() and clear translations() is loaded from @angular/localize. Also these are Breaking Changes. Among the Performance Improvements for Ivy that Lview in Pipe Instructions and Property, Instructions is not read repeatedly. For the DOM of unnecessary reading were avoided accesses in Styling Instructions. Also, some more Performance improvements, Features for internationalization Support in Ivy and bug fixes for Ivy are included in the Release.

in addition to the changes to Ivy, there was the Release, of course, also be Updates for other areas of Angular. So once again included three Features for the Language Service. To

More information about these and all the other new features of Angular 9.0.0-next.7 can be found in the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.6

Update from the 12. September 2019

With Angular 9.0.0-next.6 have been re-released numerous innovations to the Framework. Including a number of Bugfixes, but also some Performance improvements, Features as well as a Code Refactoring that causes a Breaking Change, is managed in the Release. To see clearly in the Changelog that still in Ivy is being worked on. So four out of five Performance-improvements in connection with Ivy; also among the bug fixes bugs fixed in the new Compiler find especially. Including a Bug that was created by the previous Next Version made in the Integration of the $localize in Ivy, for example. Here was the latest Release that there is no jsdoc comments for $localize to be created. This offset where the goog.getMsg(), so that an error message was issued.

The new Features in the Release are not covered this Time, however, in the area of Ivy. New it gave but in the Language Service. Here is added Support for in-styleUrl-definitions, analogous to the definitions of templateUrl it works, and the action to make. For the Linux Service Integration testing, a Script was added to the Angular Distribution installed each time you Build new. With the new Script the Installation outside of the Root can be directory. In addition, some Changes to the Service were made to the Worker which relate to the EXISTING_CLIENTS_ONLY-mode. Including a new Feature that allows you to return from this mode, if an Update is available.

A Refactoring was in Angular 9.0.0-next.6 on the Protractor Integration for Bazel made. So far, the rule protractor_web_test_suite rule was not found in the npm Package @angular/bazel to, but has now been removed from it. Instead, they can now be found in Package @bazel/protractor. Anyone who works with this rule, must adjust his project accordingly, since it is a Breaking Change.

for More information about the latest Next Version of Angular 9 can be found, as always, the Changelog.

Angular 9.0.0-next.5

Update from the 5. September 2019

warning! After the next.3 Version of Angular 9 the last Breaking Change included and Ivy to the default Compiler selected, there are in the current Release, also two Breaking Changes. The first relates to the public Export of the hasBeenProcessed(), will not take place. The reason for the Removal is simple: The function was never used. Since a Change to the function is a Breaking Change, it was completely removed. The second Breaking Change relates to the method Injector., which now allows abstract classes to get type-safe values to output.

But Angular 9.0.0-next.5 has more baggage than Breaking Changes: new Features there are again five in number. Since the Ivy Compiler, the speech was let's start there. For the Compiler, the global function $localize() has been implemented. In the area of Bazel has been updated to the latest Version of [@microsoft](https://github.com/microsoft)/api-extractor. The method TestBed.inject was installed in the core of Angular to TestBed.get to replace. In addition, the Decorator providedIn has been extended to enable 'platform' and 'any' can be used.

Also, the Performance of the Ivy compiler was back in the focus, all the nine improvements have been carried out for this purpose. Among other things, micro-were introduced Benchmarks for normal and Map-based Style and class Bindings. A Benchmark for the Create elements and the Text has also been added. Have been removed, however, Calls to render stringify when Creating new Text Nodes and the repetitive read/writeprocess the addcomponent logic. In addition, the class platform location is now a "tree-shakable".

All of the Changes, bug fixes, Performance improvements and of course, the Breaking Changes are to be found in full on GitHub to.

Angular 9.0.0-next.4

Update from 28. August 2019

version of Angular 9, is fixed Since the last pre-Ivy as the default Compiler and Renderer. So it's no wonder that most of the Changes in the latest Releases is referring to Ivy. Among other things, some Bugs were fixed, including the annoying bug that prevented the Index for the Bindings will be set prior to the execution of a Template while calling refresh view is returned.

A new Feature of Ivy is the use of the domelement schema registry for the testing of Bindings to the DOM through ngtsc. So, in the future, errors in Apps should be avoided by the TypeScript Schema lib.dom.d.ts and its not smooth to use in conjunction with the domelement schema registry result.

For about 6 percent of low processing time in the production mode, to ensure the exclusive Store of Binding meta-data in the ngDevMode. On an approximately 12 percent increase in Performance, users can look forward to also: a Refactoring of the handling of the lView[BINDING_INDEX] (no duplicate entries at this point, and more), to Angular will be faster.

for More information about the current Next-Version can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.3

Update from 22. August 2019

Ivy is available as a Standard Compiler and Renderer in Angular 9.0.0-next.3 arrived. In Angular 8.x and the previous Releases for the Angular-9-development is Ivy still as an Opt-In Feature available. The change to the Standard had been announced for Angular 9 already; this should be one of the Central innovations for the next Major Release. Now it is so far: Who has been testing the Next versions of Angular 9, gets as a Standard Pipeline for Rendering and Compiling to be delivered.

In the course of this changeover were of course built in some of the new features of Ivy in the Release. So all ngtsc-Diagnostics for Ivy to ts were.Diagnostics convert. Can also be used with Ivy now, the selector-less Directives than Base classes. Also a Breaking Change for Ivy is included in the Release. So hammer.js in the future, Tree-Shakeble, so that the Hammer not be shipped by the Provider when hammer modules will not be imported into the Root Module. For the Performance of the Changelog for the Next Version of the leading ten innovations which are associated with Ivy; some bug fixes for Ivy are included in the Next Release also. In addition, Angular 9.0.0-next brings.3 a number of other Changes relating to other areas of the framework, such as the Core and the Language-Service. More information can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.2

Update from the 13. August 2019

With Angular 9.0.0-next.2, the third Next-Release for the next Major Version is ready already. This Time two new features for Ivy with the new Renderer, which will be provided to Angular 9 done. The Bugfix for Ivy affects the behavior of incremental Changes to components. If these are part of a NgModules, which was previously an error, because the Information about the Compilation Scope went from the NgModule lost and not re-created. Now this Information about the Interface component scope registry will be registered, so that it is for incremental compilations available. For the Performance of Ivy a Refactoring was not carried out, the Global State is read in the context of interpolated values, as long as it is needed.

The other two bug fixes in the Release relate to Bazel and the Compiler. For Bazel, the tree shaking in the production of FESM and UMD was disabled-Bundles. The Bugfix in the Compiler relates to the Removal of Whitespace in a Wrapping of i18n-expansion. For more information about Angular 9.0.0-next.2 can be found in the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.1

Update from the 9. August 2019

Three Bugfixes have made it into Angular 9.0.0-next.1 managed. Two of them relate to the Language Service, one from the Upgrade section. For the Language-Service getsource file() has been configured so that it is called only for TypeScript files. The corresponding Pull Request shows that it is a preparation for the Integration of external Template files to be created in future by the Angular Linux Service Plug-in to be processed. HTML-files must be excluded, however. The second new feature of the Language Service is in this context that Angulars own language service Interface to be of TypeScript replaced. This Change in itself has not yet been consummated; on the way there, with the Release of Angular 9.0.0-next.1 but the Definition and a tooltip is compatible with it. Details can be found in the Pull Request.

In the Upgrade area was fixed an error that occurred during the compilation of downgegradeden components. Since AngularJS compiles synchronous, components should be in accordance with the Downgrade also treated. This was not the case, and was now via the static method sync promise.all() is implemented.

for More information about the new features in Angular 9.0.0-next.1 can be found, as always, in the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 9.0.0-next.0

Update from the 1. August 2019

Beta versions are now called „next“: Angular has after the Release of v8.0 the scheme of naming their versions changed. Where previously Beta Relaeses was spoken, is now „next“ in the version name. This is also the first Release with the number 9 in the title: v9.0.0-next.0 has been released and shows that Ivy is a great theme for the upcoming Major Version. A lot more the Release Notes on GitHub not going to tell you. The first 9-Test-Release will bring improvements and Fixes related to Ivy, so is there to read. More information will follow only with the subsequent Version.

Angular 8.x: The Minor Releases

Angular 8.2.0

Update from the 1. August 2019

Angular 8.2.0 is ready. According to a Release Candidate the final Release of the Minor Version of Angular is now available for Download, bringing all the innovations in the testing phase and some minor Changes added. So v8 brings.2.0 for example, the Support for TypeScript 3.5 and comprises a total of 14 bug fixes, however, are largely out of the Betas are known. So it is with the total of six new Features in the Release, which, among other things, the automatic Migration of Renderer to Renderer2. This Feature could be next since the Angular 8.2.0 -.1 to be tested.

An Overview of Angular 8.2.0 the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 8.2.0-rc.0

Update from 30. July 2019

Angular 8.2.0-rc.0 brings a new innovation to have a positive effect on the Performance. This has not been worked on the behavior of the compiler, the copies from the Prototype to the own Properties, when an object is cloned. To the use of Node 12 that was not a Problem, since Node is brought back in the previous versions of the self-optimizing for it. This, however, was discarded in favor of other optimizations in the Node 12, so that a solution in Angular has been implemented.

International JavaScript Conference
the the
< / h3>Angular Schematics – the unknown hero

by Chris Noring (Microsoft)

IT Security Summit 2019
< / h3>Secure Logins are easy!

with Arne Blankerts (thePHP.cc)

< / h3>Hands-on workshop – Hansel & Gretel do TLS

Marcus Bointon (synchro media Limited)

is one of the new Features in the Release that $element is now for the Upgrades available, and Template Functions of components is inserted, the upgraded were. The second Feature is a new feature that brings Bazel and Ivy together. To do this, the Compile Target for Angular in Bazel was changed so that now Ivy is used. In order for a Problem to be solved, which occurred with the transitive Dependencies that could not be produced, because it was loaded using an old Compiler. Further information can be found in the corresponding Pull Request on GitHub. A further Change for Bazel is run as a Bugfix: The maximum Heap size for the node/ngc in Bazel has been increased from 2GB to 4GB. So you have adjusted this value to the of the TypeScript-compiler.

for More information about these Changes, as well as the three other bug-fixes on the first Release Candidate of Angular 8.2.0, see in the Changelog on GitHub to.

Angular 8.2.0-next.2

Update from 18. July 2019

With Angular 8.2.0-next.2 the next Minor Version of Angular 8 has received four more bug fixes. Continuously being worked on still in Bazel. With this Release, a recent Change has been withdrawn, the subject dealing with Custom Bazel Compiler Hosts. The new „feat(bazel): allow passing and rewriting of old bazel host“ is no longer necessary, since the Angular is Indexer stable, such as in the corresponding Pull Request.

The three other bug-fixes in the Release relate to the Language Service, the Compiler-CLI and once again, the WTF Array. Details on this can the Changelog on GitHub removed.

Angular 8.2.0-next.1 released

Update from 11. July 2019

The second Beta Release for Angular 8.2 is: 8.2.0-next.1. Also, this Update is rather small and with only three changes. Including a new Feature for the Core, which automates the Migration of Renderer to Renderer2. Among the Changes that are made automatically, the automatic renaming of the methods of the old Renderer. Where this is not possible, because the methods correspond directly to, will now be inserted automatically Helper functions, to make sure, however, that valid Code is generated. For more information about the automated migration steps for the Renderer2 can be found in the corresponding Pull Request.

The other two new features in the Release, bug fixes are. One of them relates to Bazel. Here is a Change to the translation system has not been reversed, because the System needs to be the full file path of the output. The second bug fix relates to the Compiler, where all the information from the ASTWithSource is separate from AST itself can be called.

for More information about the Release can, as always, be accessed through the Changelog./p>

Angular 8.1.0 & 8.2.0-next.0 released

Update from the 8. July 2019

Angular 8.1.0 has been released in the last week of the final. The first Minor Release for Angular 8 has fixed three errors, two of them in the area of Service-Worker, one at the Core. The Changelog lists the following Changes:

  • core: handle undefined metadata in the injectArgs (#31333) (80ccd6c), closes the CLI #14888
  • the
  • service worker: cache opaque responses in the data groups with the freshness strategy (#30977) (b0c3453), closes #30968
  • the
  • service worker: cache opaque responses when requests exceeds the timeout threshold (#30977) (a9038ef)

Angular 8.2.0-next.0 followed immediately on this Release. Here is the same bug fixes can be found in the Minor Version, in addition, there were also New for Bazel. Two new Features are. So can be used with Bazel, now a individually set compiler, host, and ngc Compile will be passed. Necessary, for example, for users who need to override the Compiler for the Host of the TypeScript is. The second Feature depends on this Change immediately. In order to ensure that the Angular Indexer can handle it, if Google is correct with re-set Bazel Hosts, was given a Option added, with the old Bazel Hosts, and can be overwritten.

for More information about both versions can be the Changelog on GitHub removed.

Angular 8.1.0-rc.0

Update from 27. June 2019

With Version 8.1.0-rc.0 the first Release Candidate is available for Angular 8.1. A new Feature is included in Version: For AngularJS and Angular, two new tests are now Helper in the Upgrade/Static-Library available. This will help in the connection of the Injector of the versions, without having to fully hybrid Apps create. For more Details about the new Feature can be found in the corresponding Pull Request.

For Bazel of the Release with three bug fixes. Including an update of the ng new schema, with the current Status of the Angular Schematics was adapted. In addition, no non-supported CSS Pre-Processors are now more included in it. The third Bugfix for Bazel refers to Metadata Builds that include no Schematics folder.

in addition, the Release also brings bug fixes for the Compiler, and Service Worker. Further information can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 8.1.0-next.3

Update from 21. June 2019

With Angular 8.1.0-next.3 another Preview Release for Angular 8.1 is ready for Download. The number of new features in the Version is small, only three Bugfixes are included. One of them relates to Bazel, whose Builder Workspace now works with Node 10.16. The second Bugfix Release can be found in getQuickInfoAtPosition, where any has been removed. In addition, the @deprecated JSDoc-day provisional from the testbed static was. to get removed, because a Change to the signature of TestBed. to get to a significantly higher number of Deprecation warnings in some TypeScript projects had led. Until a different solution was implemented, it has replaced the @deprecated - created Annotations to text-only warnings, such as the corresponding Pull Request to remove.

for More information about Angular 8.1.0-next.3 can be found, as always, the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 8.1.0-next.2

Update from 14. June 2019

Angular followed, apparently, a new strategy in the naming of the versions. On the first Beta Release of Angular 8.1 Version 8.1.0-next followed.1, and in the meantime 8.1.0-next.2. While in the Next.1 was only made a Bugfix to the Core, brings Next.2 is now equal to five Changes. Three of the bug fixes relate to Bazel. The global Stylesheet is referenced using Bazel now both in the development mode as well as in the production by the <link>Tag in index.html . In addition, Bazel no longer used now, the Components Schematics in the Build and there will be no Change to tsconfig.json more by Bazel made.

The other two bug fixes in Angular 8.1.0-next.2 relate to the Httpupload ProgressEventInterface, which has now been released as a public API, as well as the Service Worker. If navigator.service worker.register('/ngsw-worker.js') fails, they will not receive prisoners in an error message.

for More information about Angular 8.1.0-next.2 can be found in the Changelog on GitHub.

Angular 8.1.0-beta.0: bug fixes and Features

Update from the 4. June 2019

On the 30. In may, two days after the publication of Angular 8, was completed, the first step in the direction of the Angular 9. What is meant is that the first Beta was released Version of Angular 8.1, which is already a relatively large Release suspect: Suitable as of the date of 30 Bugs were fixed. But that's not enough, because new Features will be the first Minor Release of the current release cycle‘ contain – at least 6 in number.


One of the new features is especially attractive for those developers who need to deal with administration and ensure that everything is up to date and remains the same: It probably will not be in the future necessary to update the Flags, the file .bazelrc or the Toolchain hang together. Also platform-Flags for RBE Builds and Tests need to be updated from the Angular 8.1, extra. An exception applies, however, if there are Braking Changes in Bazel, the influence of these Flags. Instead, only the Pin of the @bazel-toolchains repository in the file packages/bazel/package must.bzl regularly to be brought. Safety comes first by the way: Should the Rule rbe_autoconfig() in the Repository @bazel_toolchains if no matching Toolchain-configuration for the Bazel-Version of find, which is being used by the project, it automatically draws the appropriate Container, and generates the Configs at the start of the Builds and Tests.

Who uses transformmethods of the SlicePipe, can be pleased with the new Overloads, the Angular 8.1 in the Luggage will have. This should lead mainly to the use of cleaner types than just any. However, this is associated with a Breaking Change, SlicePipe can be used from the Update only with a number of values, a String, null or undefined.


In terms of bug fixes after the Update, there appeared to be some room for improvement. Exactly 30 Fixes were made in the first Beta Version of Angular 8.1. The focus of Bazel, in the context of which now reports the correct parameter to the http_server under Windows, more will be given, amongst other things. But at the core it has to be screwed on. The CSS Sanitizer allows now the use of brackets in file name, was so far, apparently, not possible. In addition, an unpleasant Bug was fixed that caused a Migration, not all the files were taken. Seven Bugs have been fixed with the Migration of static queries, among other things, they failed with the default values of the parameters and not output errors correctly.

  • bazel: allow ts_library interop with list-typed inputs (#30600) (3125376)
  • the
  • bazel: Bump ibazel to 0.10.1 for windows fixes (#30196) (1353bf0)
  • the
  • bazel: Directly spawn native Bazel binary (#30306) (2a0f497)
  • the
  • bazel: Disable sandbox on Mac OS (#30460) (b6b1aec)
  • the
  • bazel: Exclude-common/upgrade* in metadata.tsconfig.json (#30133) (1f4c380)
  • the
  • bazel: ng test should run specific ts_web_test_suite (#30526) (e688e02)
  • the
  • bazel: pass correct argument to http_server in Windows (#30346) (3aff79c) closes #29785
  • the
  • bazel: update peerDep rank (#30155) (4ae0ee8)
  • the
  • bazel: Use existing npm/yarn lock files (#30438) (ff29ccc)
  • the
  • compiler-cli: log ngcc skipping messages as debug instead of info (#30232) (60a8888)
  • the
  • core: consistently use ng:/// for sourcemap URLs (#29826) (392473e)
  • the
  • core: CSS sanitizer now allows parens in the file names (#30322) (728db88)
  • the
  • core: fix-interpolate identifier in AOT (#30243) (30d1f29)
  • the
  • core: migration not always migrating all files (#30269) (349935a)
  • the
  • core: to remove the deprecated TestBed.deprecated override provider API (#30576) (a96976e)
  • the
  • core: require ’static‘ flag on queries in typings (#30639) (84dd267)
  • the
  • core: static query migration errors not printed properly (#30458) (6ceb903)
  • the
  • core: static query migration fails with default parameters values (#30269) (6357d4a)
  • the
  • core: static query migration should gracefully exit if the AOT compiler throws (#30269) (509352f)
  • the
  • core: static query migration should handle queries on accessor (#30327) (0ffdb48)
  • the
  • core: static query migration should not fallback to a test strategy (#30458) (0cdf598)
  • the
  • core: static query migration should not prompt if no queries are used (#30254) (4c12d74)
  • the
  • core: static query usage migration strategy should detect ambiguous query usage (#30215) (8d3365e)
  • the
  • core: temporarily remove @deprecated jsdoc tag for a TextBed.overload (#30514) (f6bf892) closes #29290 #29905
  • get the
  • language of service: Remove tsserver library from rollup globals (#30123) (124e497)
  • the
  • router: ensure history.state is set to eager update mode (#30154) (b40f6f3)
  • the
  • router: ensure navigation start with the current URL value incase of redirect is skipped (#30344) (0fd9d08) closes #30340 #30160
  • the
  • router: fix a problem with the router not responding to back button (#30160) (3327bd8)
  • the
  • router: IE 11 bug can break the URL unification when comparing objects (#30393) (197584d)
  • the
  • router: type cast correctly for IE 11 bug breaking the URL Unification when comparing objects (#30464) (53f3564)

All other information about the current Beta-Version of the Angular 8.1 can be found in the Changelog on GitHub. There are also Details about the new Features and all bug fixes


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