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On What Occasions Does A Man Offer A Jewel To His Girlfriend?

avawilliam avawilliam 24 February
On What Occasions Does A Man Offer A Jewel To His Girlfriend?

It's not a scoop, women love jewelry and men love to give them some! There are many opportunities to please your beloved, which is why at Atelier de Famille, we have decided to list them and identify the jewels that correspond to them.

Women's jewelry: a gift that offers many possibilities

Choosing to offer a piece of jewelry to a woman means enjoying a huge choice. Indeed, the creators offer rings, bracelets, butterfly choker necklaces and earrings. To these alternatives are added the material, the color, the design and the style. In other words, whatever the personality and tastes of a woman, her companion will manage to find the ideal woman's jewel to surprise her with tenderness and originality.

And to give even more meaning to this gift, Atelier de Famille offers to personalize it by means of a jeweler's or manual engraving. Thus, you can make this unique jewel a real symbol linked to the event you want to mark.

Offer a jewel to a woman for a pretty proof of love

The occasions to testify his love to his companion are numerous. Valentine's Day, wedding and dating anniversaries, apologies, renewal of vows or even announcement of a birth, it is often the jewel that allows men to say "I love you”. Feminine, precious and pretty, this gift is always appreciated.

Indeed, women like to wear accessories that enhance their natural charm and their outfits. With jewelry in line with their tastes, they feel more beautiful and more feminine. Moreover, by offering a jewel to a woman, they know they are loved and desired by their companion.

Some jewels are specially designed to represent the very strong bond uniting two people in love. They are often adorned with hearts, the symbol of infinity or intertwine two rings. These women's butterfly choker necklaces, earrings and bracelets have only one objective: to symbolize a sincere and unalterable love.

Duo ring butterfly choker necklace

Modern and delicate, this women’s gold-plated butterfly choker necklace is THE ideal jewel to say "I love you". It’s very thin chain is adorned with two intertwined rings to symbolize an unalterable love. No need for engraved inscriptions to give full meaning to this butterfly choker necklace. Its pendant alone will express the sincere and profound message of a man in love. As for the lucky girl, she will sublimate all her outfits with this refined jewel.

A jewel for the simple pleasure of giving

Offered without any particular occasion, a gift is even more surprising! Here again, the jewel is the setting for a message of sincere love. As this present is not dictated by any event or custom, the choice is completely free. Men can then use their imagination and creativity while taking into account the preferences of their partner. Even if it seems risky, it's a great opportunity to introduce another style of jewelry to your other half!

The Infinity Ring

This superb 3 micron gold-plated ring seduces with its originality and refined style. Also available in solid silver, it offers a very explicit design. Its curves draw the symbol of infinity. In other words, this jewel expresses an eternal love. What better way to please your beloved? If you want to surprise her with tenderness and elegance, you will not be disappointed!

A jewel to celebrate a birthday

A birthday deserves a very special, but above all unique gift. Since it is a question of pleasing a woman, the jewel sounds obvious. Personalized, it will be all the more surprising and attractive! Indeed, an engraving will offer another dimension to this present. By choosing the right words, you will make this jewel a real symbol that will make this day unique and unforgettable.

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