Online Classes For Kids In Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman |

Online Classes For Kids In Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman |

JustTutors is a 1 To 1 online education company focusing on Maths, Science, and English. Each student receives a wholesome, individually designed learning journey from us, with an emphasis on 1-to-1 attention and delivery because every student has different learning needs.

The team has extensive experience in online learning, having conducted more than 500,000 sessions for students in more than 12 nations.

Our instructional strategy's essential components include the following:

A. One-to-one personalised learning experience that incorporates elements of in-school instruction, extracurricular activities, and online facilitation
B. A timetable that is completely adaptable to the way a student's day is structured.
C. A tested teaching methodology created after more than 8 years of online education study.
D. Each student's grasping capacity and pace are taken into consideration for all content and assessments.
E. To achieve the greatest outcomes, the Academic Quality teams keep an eye on our online sessions.

Your understanding of every concept will improve if you attend our live or one-on-one seminars.

You employ these concepts in real life and score better on exams! To ensure correct assessment on every topic, performance monitoring, and topic-by-topic feedback to the teachers, our knowledgeable and well-equipped academic managers carry out daily monitoring and end-to-end quality checks.

Our live tutoring sessions with teachers in online classrooms assist you in fully understanding each scientific and mathematical concept and answer any questions. Come see for yourself how learning can be as enjoyable as playing! Happy learning!

Provides topic-by-topic MCQ Questions for US Curriculum Class/Grades 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Maths
US Curriculum/Maths
US Curriculum/ Free Study Material
CBSE/ Free Study Materials
CBSE EVS/ Free Study Materials
ICSE Science/ Free Study Materials
Physics/Chemistry/Biology Free Study Materials
ICSE Physics
ICSE Chemistry
ICSE Biology
IGCSE / Maths
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