Online Logo Makers vs. Custom Logos: 5 Secrets they don't want you to know

Online Logo Makers vs. Custom Logos: 5 Secrets they don't want you to know
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Different kinds of logos are important parts of brands and play a big part in naming brands. They also try to get people's attention at first glance. Logos have the nerve to stay in people's minds for years and become the thing that people remember about a brand. It shows the brand's digital image and reveals the hidden benefits in the market. Creative and simple logos always let the brand's stories out and remind people of how good it used to be.

People never remember brands by their names but can recognize the logo immediately. Why do you ask? Because logos are the only thing that can do magic and keep the brand's identity clear in the minds of millions of people. Many companies make logos and marketing plans to stand out from the crowd, and logos act as digital brand soldiers in the first raws to protect their names.

What Will Happen to Brands Without Logos?

Logos are what makes brands unique. Brands with logos feel like they could be stronger, which is a very scary and haunting thought for the brands. With their creative and inviting logos, they are able to stay in business. In just a few years, logos made brands huge by catching people's attention and boosting sales faster than expected. Let's talk more about the different kinds of logos.

The Various Types Of Logos

There are many options for logos, and the creative ways they are made are wowing the market.

Every company has a different niche based on its products and services, and the logo needs to bring something to the table. In the next few lines, I'll briefly explain what you need to know about different logos.

Types of Logos

  • Monogram Logos: Some logos, like those for WB, HBO, EA, IBM, HP, CNN, and LG, are made up of letters. It spells out the brand names in two or three letters in a clever and smart way. A monogram is also called a letter mark because it shortens long brand names. For example, SOUND OF NEW YORK is shortened to SONY. It looks so cool to say SONY instead of that more famous name. That's what lettermark logos can do.
  • Wordmarks: Letter marks and wordmarks both show the same things. Coca-Cola is the most famous example of a wordmark in the modern world. It is used to keep the name of your brand in mind. Most new businesses and startups take advantage of it and choose wordmarks to make sure that people subconsciously remember their brand's reputation.
  • Marks with pictures: Pictorial marks are the creative icons or graphic images that make up the logo and show how glamorous and appealing it is. Twitter and Apple are both good examples. For their logos, brands always choose pictures that represent the whole business niche in a good way.
  • Abstract Marks for Logos: Like Pepsi and Levi's, these logos are made up of pictures. It's a clever and interesting way for a brand to reach out to the audience symbolically. It abstractly liquefies the whole brand image so that it can be shown in the market in a smart way.
  • Mascots: Mascots are cleverly drawn characters that show off brands in different kinds of logos. Sometimes, a funny or cartoony logo could reach more people than a serious one. KFC and M&M's best show mascots.
  • The Compound Mark: As the name suggests, it is a combination of letter marks and an image or mascot. The combination mark brings out the creative side and is bold enough to grab the audience's attention quickly. PIZZA HUT and PUMA are two of the best ones.
  • The Badge: The icons have text or font inside of them. Only a few companies use this kind of creativity to get the word out about their brand through their logo. They are stylish and live by the motto "be creative." STARBUCKS and MASTERCARD are two of the best examples of emblem logos.

What Characteristics Should Your Logo Have?

Logos should have some things that make them stand out and help people smartly connect with them. Some of them are the ones below:

Relevant: Logos must be appropriate and inspire people with the right images, fonts, and icons.

Creative: If your logos aren't creative, you should never try to get people to look at them.

Simple: Logos should be easy to understand and draw attention to themselves.

Timeless: Logos should have elements that will last forever and inspire creativity.

Color Sense: Logos should use colors that stand out but don't break the rules of what's attractive.

The Major Difference Between Online Logo Makers and Custom Logos

Different kinds of logos are always going through different stages of execution. Logo makers and custom logos are two different things that couldn't be more different.


Their stages of making always remained the same, and they had different ideas about how to make logos. These are the two most important ways logo makers and custom logos differ.

Custom Logos Are Very Creative

Custom logos mean you choose the fonts, designs, and colors for your logos. It shows a completely different way of designing logos that never match the large number of logos that brands use to represent themselves on the market. Companies hire custom logo designers to make logos for their businesses and companies based on their ideas about logo customization.

You can use the custom logo features to bring out your creative side and make custom logos that are new and different. There are many well-known customization sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and 99 Designs that anyone can use to make their own logos.

Communication: Customers can tell what your brand stands for and how it works by looking at custom logos.

Colors: In these logo phases, companies can change the color schemes to fit their needs.

Fonts: People can choose fonts that they like or that they think go well with their brands.

Designs: Companies can hire custom logo makers to make complicated and simple designs.

Visuals: Clients can make original and creative visuals that go well with the other elements of the logo.

Online Logo Makers

Different websites that have online logo makers talk about how they design their logos. These sites use templates that have already been made and make designs that go through AI systems by getting all of the customization ideas and creative ideas from clients. Some businesses, especially new ones, will never hire professional logo designers. Instead, they will use one of the many websites that let you make your own logo. Some websites cost money, while others are free. This depends on their templates, designs, and the kinds of creative logos they have.

  • The freshly
  • The creative Canva
  • The amazing Tailor Brand
  • The innovative Graphic Springs
  • The impeccable Ucraft

Why Are Online Logo Makers Hazardous to Real Businesses?

There are so many silly things that can't be taken seriously by professionals and never meet executive deadlines. Logo designers should always go through the right training and have apprentice traits that show the exact and most important brand image to the market through effective logo design plans.

Online logo designers can temporarily add golden charms to meet a company's needs, but they need to have the guts to show a company's core values in a logo, no matter how clever and funny they are. These are some of the most vital things about online logo makers that people should keep in mind when they want to hire them to make logos for their company or brand.

Unprofessional Vibes Online logo makers need a real sense of professionalism and compete for the professional behaviors of markets. They always design logos with money in mind and don't put in the time or effort to make logos that look good for their clients.

Their designs and logos always look unprofessional, and they need better color sense. Sometimes they come up with a simple, straightforward way to design a logo that only tries to get people's attention at a time.

  • Unoriginal Stretegies

In the digital world, copies lose value faster than anything else. If a business wants to keep doing well, it needs to develop an original and unique design for its logo.

When companies use online logo makers, they may end up with logos that could be more exciting, cliche, or based on old ideas. Sometimes, online logo makers come up with designs that aren't very original or unique and don't fit the brand's personality.

  • Not as original

Online logo makers could be more creative and never dare to go past the deadlines. They only have a few ideas and always use designs that have already been made, so they need to come up with new and modern ways to make logos. Sometimes, they make dirty logos with bad fonts that don't make any sense.

  • Poor editing of photos

When a company gets a logo designed, the logo represents the whole company. Online logo makers never talk to professional logo designers and can only use some of the features of programs like Photoshop and Illustrator to make the most eye-catching and appealing logo designs. They need to learn how to edit photos professionally, so they make terrible designs that aren't even good.

  • Problems with copying

Companies always take care of their work and don't want to ruin their brand's image all at once. Companies always go after copyright and trademark issues to spread their good name in the digital market and make sure no one ever uses their logos again.

Except for a few, online logo designers never look into copyright and trademarks. Instead, they try to be creative and smart by copying the logos of other companies. One mistake made by online logo makers can hurt a company's image in a big way, and they have to deal with heavy fines and bad feedback from the digital market.

5 Things Graphic Designers Never Dare to Reveal

Thoughts and Inspiring

Inspiration can make a simple design look amazing and give you the courage to make it more creative and memorable. Some ideas are creative, and others are worth a lot. Graphic designers never want to show where they get their ideas from.

They don't want their customers to know where they get the ideas for their attractive logo designs, which are also clever enough to catch people's attention at first glance.


Research for a graphic designer is all about finding out about new types of logos and coming up with creative ideas for logo designs. Some graphic designers need to have the guts to say how they find information about new and modern logo designs. They never want their customers to help them push the limits of their ideas.

Their creative way of doing research puts them at the top of the creative and original list. Their important research factors make them want to make more powerful and eye-catching logos.

Websites with Vector

There are a lot of websites that have too many templates and images for logo designs. Some popular websites help new graphic designers, while some professionals are still fearless and never untie the stock images and templates they use for logo designs from some vector websites. Here are some well-known vector websites:

  • Shutterstock
  • Freepik
  • IStock
  • Vexels
  • Vector Stock

Choices of Fonts

Bad fonts make people feel bad, and good fonts make people feel good. Graphic designers never give their customers the keys to their font choices. They always tell people where they find the most beautiful and relaxing fonts to use in their creative logos. They never share the font resources that can be downloaded, which keeps their customers waiting.


Every step of the graphic design process is a secret, and most graphic designers think of it as the most important part of their job. For them, it's like blood in the body. They never have the courage to show how they put their designs into action, such as

  • Discovering the logo
  • The creative research over it
  • Brainstorming 
  • Sketching
  • Designing 
  • Revisions
  • Presentations

They only trust their own creative process and never show off their skills to make a few bucks.


Logos help people remember brands and are an important part of a graphic designer's work. ESP Workforce is a virtual staffing service that helps brands make creative and up-to-date logos. ESP Workforce is a company that offers online and custom logo services to improve the digital image of a brand. The article discussed the secrets graphic designers never want their clients to know. Only creative logos attract customers and give them their first impression of a brand. People who want to hire online or custom logo designers should think about ESP Workforce for these things if they're going to see modern logos. Happy designing!


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