Onyx Stone Meaning: Healing Properties, Types, Uses, & Benefits

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Onyx Stone Meaning: Healing Properties, Types, Uses, & BenefitsOnyx gemstones are more frequently used in jewelry and are shrewdly emerging as a chic option for individuals looking to make an impressive impression. Those who are born under the sign of Leo benefit greatly from wearing the gorgeous Onyx Jewelry. The stunning Black Onyx is thought to be the anniversary stone for marriages lasting ten years. Onyx Stone Meaning, The chalcedony form of microcrystalline quartz is known as onyx.

The Greek term "chalkedon," which is derived from the Asia Minor city of Calchedon on the Sea of Marmara, is the source of the English word "chalcedony." Chalcedony refers to stability and balance. There are numerous variations, but blue and grey Chalcedony are the most common colours. The alluring Gemstone is said to pair beautifully with the shimmering sterling silver jewelry. This gemstone can be worn as the Black Onyx Ring, Black Onyx Necklace, Black Onyx Pendant, Black Onyx Bracelet, and Black Onyx Earrings.

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