Open a Corporate Account with UniCredit Bank in Serbia

Open a Corporate Account with UniCredit Bank in Serbia

If you would like to set up a corporate bank account in a reputable European jurisdiction without putting yourself under too much stress, we suggest that you should consider Serbia for this purpose. Serbia is a stable independent state that is expected to join the EU in the near future. There are dozens of international commercial banks operating in Serbia and all of them offer a high level of banking services and a wide range of banking products. However, each bank specializes in servicing foreign clients from different parts of the world. If you have business partners in Europe, you may be interested in setting up a corporate account with UniCredit Bank as its headquarters are located in Italy.

Theoretically, you could set up a corporate bank account in Serbia remotely but we recommend that you should pay a visit to the country to improve your chances for successful bank account opening. UniCredit Bank is prepared to set up an account for any company no matter where it is registered. If you have a company registered in an offshore jurisdiction, it is possible to set up a corporate account for it with UniCredit Bank in Serbia. You will be well-advised to apply for professional assistance when applying for banking services in the country. The application processing time is about 30 days with the Serbian division of UniCredit.

Please note that client support is available only in the Serbian and the English languages. All deposits in Serbian banks are insured and the insurance amount is 50,000 euros. It is less than the insurance amount in Switzerland, for example, but it is more than the insurance amount in some other countries.

Please also note that the requirements that Serbian banks put forward to prospective customers are toughening. Opening a corporate account for a non-resident company is becoming harder and harder every day. However, it is still possible to achieve this goal. You have to compile a flawless set of application documents and involve professionals in the process of bank account opening in Serbia.

You also have to realize that residents of Serbia have access to a larger number and a greater variety of banking services in comparison to non-residents. We highly recommend that you should acquire legal residence in the country. You can do so without too much trouble if you incorporate a company in Serbia. Besides, you can qualify for a legal residence permit if you purchase some real property in the country. In addition to that, legal residence permits are granted to foreigners enrolled in educational programs in Serbia. Most nationalities do not need visas to enter Serbia and stay there for 30 days or even more. If you come to Serbia and sign up for a Serbian language course, for example, you will become eligible for a legal residence permit. Acquiring the status of a legal resident in Serbia is not difficult at all.


UniCredit Bank in Serbia

UniCredit Bank in Serbia is a large European commercial bank of Italian descent. Since 2005, 100% of the bank’s shares have been owned by the Italian banking group UniCredit.

The secret of UniCredit success is the use of a simple but highly efficient model of commercial banking. UniCredit aims at finding the best solutions for every client.

UniCredit Bank has been one of the leading Serbian banks for years and today its position is strengthening. The bank is growing in the retail sector as well as in the corporate and investment banking sectors.

UniCredit promotes the ideas of socially responsible business and it is the official bank of all UEFA competitions.

The cornerstones of UniCredit’s approach to providing banking services:  

  • Accessibility for the client;
  • Dynamism;
  • Simplicity and high quality of services;
  • Support of business ventures.

Banking services that UniCredit Bank provides

If you open a company in Serbia with a bank account in UniCredit Bank, you will have access to a variety of banking services that the bank offers to corporate clients. You can open a Serbian dinar account or a foreign currency account in the country. In addition to setting up a current account in the bank, you can make use of the Pa.Re.To. service, for instance. Pa.Re.To. is a service that may be of interest for insurance companies, telecommunication service providers, wholesalers, etc. The bank can collect recurring payments from your clients and keep track of the money flows on your behalf. This will let you avoid possible mistakes in bookkeeping and economize on salaries.

If you make a euro transaction between two banks within the UniCredit group, the money is transferred instantly. UniCredit also has a number of correspondent banks and transferring money to one of them is also going to take very little time. With a corporate account in UniCredit Bank, Serbia, the longest that you would have to wait before the transaction is completed is one day. The commissions that the bank charges are transparent and affordable.

In addition to that, UniCredit Bank issues different kinds of plastic cards to corporate clients. You can order a ‘MasterCard Business’ credit card or ‘Visa Electron Business’/ ‘Visa Gold Business’ debit cards. Locally incorporated companies can also receive payments through POS terminals in Serbia if they have business accounts with UniCredit Bank. The eCommerce service that the bank provides allows accepting electronic payments made with MasterCard and VISA cards.

You can add money to your corporate account with UniCredit Bank in Serbia as often as you like, even several times a day. There are no restrictions on the security balance. When setting up an account with the bank, you have a wide choice of national currencies. If you make a fixed-term deposit, you will be pleased to learn that UniCredit offers attractive interest rates.

Escrow accounts, loans, investment services, online account management, corporate financial consultations, and so on: UniCredit bank in Serbia offers a wide range of services to corporate clients. Setting up an account for your Serbian-registered company with the bank is an opportunity not to be missed. 


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