Oriental Rug Cleaning In Westchester NY- 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Oriental Rug Cleaning In Westchester NY- 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Oriental rugs are especially popular for their craftsmanship and longevity. However, they demand care and attention which determines their lifespan. You should clean them properly to preserve their vibrancy and beauty. Seek a professional Oriental Rug cleaning in Westchester NY for the best results.

When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs, people often make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. We have compiled some common mistakes in this article that need to be avoided.

Rug Cleaning In Westchester NY: Common Mistakes To Avoid-

DIY Cleaning- 

Oriental rugs are pieces of art that beautify your space. Made of delicate natural fibers like wool and silk, they are not just for floor coverings. Using harsh chemicals or cleaning methods can damage their value and beauty. Don’t use any kind of household cleaners or shampoo to clean them that can degrade their originality.

Abrasive Cleaning-

Most often homeowners scrub their oriental rugs with a brush or harsh cleaning pad to get rid of a stubborn stain. It causes disaster at the end of the day. This kind of cleaning without knowledge can break their fibers. It can lead to a loss of intricate details. That’s why, avoid this practice.

Improper Water Usage-

If oriental rugs are made from wool or silk, then using water excessively can cause more difficulties for you. Your oriental rugs can experience shrinkage, warping and mildew growth. Using the right cleaning solutions is the best approach to handling rugs. It requires experience and awareness to clean these rugs carefully.

Sunbathing Your Rug-

Sunlight can fade your oriental rugs. The UV rays can break down the dyes in your rug. This is why you should avoid direct sunlight from your oriental rugs, especially during the intense summer.

Improper Rug Transportation-

Oriental rugs are large in size and delicate. Taking them yourself to a local cleaner can be risky. It can lead to creases, tears or damage. Professional cleaners know how to deal with it carefully.


The Safe Solution: Enlisting Professional Help-

Looking to clean your oriental rugs? Seek professional help. Look for a rug cleaning team that can match your expectations.

Expertise in Oriental Rugs-

Make sure rug cleaners can easily handle delicate textiles. They should offer efficient cleaning methods to clean various sorts of rugs.

Certified Technicians-

Look for certified, licensed and insured rug cleaners. It ensures that your rugs are in safe hands.

Safe Cleaning Methods-

Ensure that rug cleaners use specialized cleaning solutions and methods. It should not affect the fibers and dyes of your oriental rugs.

Cost-effective solutions-

A rug cleaner should offer the best cleaning solutions at a competitive price. Compare the pricing and accordingly, choose a reliable and affordable service. 

Moreover, involving professional and expert rug cleaners can be a good choice. They can preserve the beauty of rugs for generations to come.

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