Packing for a Long-Distance Unicycle Trip: A High-Level Checklist

Packing for a Long-Distance Unicycle Trip: A High-Level Checklist
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Gearing up for a long-distance unicycle trip?

Whether it’s 100 miles or 1,000 this basic checklist should help you form a framework for success.

Safety Gear
Always wear a helmet while riding. Beyond that, we suggest elbow pads, gloves and wrist guards. If you want leg protection, wear knee pads or full leg armor.

Camping Essentials
Ditch the 8-room tent. Get a lightweight, packable tent or a bivvy, and a lightweight sleeping bag. Lighter and slimmer is better as you’ll have less room on a unicycle. Depending on the trip and location you may not need to carry a shelter but an emergency bivy is smart to have just in case.

Comfortable clothing and footwear is a must. Dress for the season and be prepared. Halfway through a 500-mile trip, you may have nowhere to pull over for relief if you get cold. The best material is wool.

Dry goods are better as they weigh less and are less perishable. Consider high-energy foods like peanut butter and granola that keep well and are nutrient and energy-dense.

Carry somewhere between 2 quarts and 1 gallon of water and plan your trip according to where you can replenish. You can’t carry all the water you’ll need so you’ll have to be strategic about refilling your hydration reserves.

Also, water is heavy, so consider a hydration pack that will be easier and more economical for you to carry. Fill it at any chance you get.

First Aid
Basic first aid essentials are a must for any long-distance trip, on foot or otherwise. Some gauze, bandages, adhesive and basic disinfectant are the essentials, and should cover most minor injuries. Hopefully, you’ll have none, though.

A Spare Tube
If you get a flat while riding, the quickest and easiest fix you can make is to pull out the old tube and set up a new one.

You can store your spare tube in a tool wrap and wrap it around the inside of the hub.

A Spare Spoke
At least one spare spoke is also essential. Tape it to the frame so it’s out of the way until needed.

Miscellaneous Maintenance
You’ll need to carry some basic tools, as well, such as a pedal wrench. Also make sure you have a pump in your pack for when and if the tire pressure needs a boost.

You should also carry a small sewing kit (useful for a variety of purposes), a set of Allen wrenches/hex keys, a tire lever, a puncture repair kit, and a variety of tapes (electrical tape and duct tape are useful, here).

Wrenches are useful, but you can’t carry a whole set, so a small adjustable wrench is a good investment and should only weigh a few ounces.

Super glue and spare parts/hardware for your unicycle are also in order.

Your Phone
Not that you’d leave home without it, but your phone is your emergency lifeline if you ever need to call for assistance while on the trail and far from home or help. There are other options available like the infamous Spot Tracker if you know you will go without a cell signal for a period of time.

Other Essentials
If you’re going to be away from home port for a while, you should also carry a few other essentials to ease the journey.

One is a flashlight. You should always keep a lightweight flashlight as extra on you as emergencies don’t always arise during the day.

A lighter is also a must, especially if you are going to be traveling through remote areas in the winter and may need to build a fire on short notice.

You also should carry a bit of money, any necessary ID, a bike lock, sunglasses, and a case.

Plus, anything else your own experience dictates you could use.

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