Pass the AD0-E208 Exam With Ease

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Pass the AD0-E208 Exam With Ease

The AD0-E208 exam consists of many concepts that require thorough understanding and hands-on practice to master. Fortunately, Certkillers's experts have come up with an easy-to-understand solution to help you pass the exam. It also comes with a passing guarantee.

Pass the AD0-E208 Exam With Ease

Question: 1

Which Analytics feature does NOT allow the use of calculated metrics?
A. Venn in Analysis Workspace

B. Fallout in Analysis Workspace

C. Treemap in Analysis Workspace

Question: 2

A newly-identified bot needs to be filtered out from all reports in a report suite. Which information from the bot would be used? (Choose two.)
A. Query-string parameter


C. User-agent

D. IP Address

Question: 3

A learning platform is promoting the registration to a webinar on three pages. On each page there is a button for webinar registration. Clicking the button triggers event1. On page A there have a featured video presenting the webinar. The video named “New Webinar” is recorded in evar4, once the video is played. Page B and Page C do not have any videos. Consider the following scenario: A user comes to page A, watched the video and clicks on the registration button, the then decides to also check page B, and then page C. On page C the user click again on the registration button. What other setting, if any, should be in place, so that only one registration click is associated with the “New webinar” value of evar4?
A. The Linear Allocation setting should be enabled for evar4.

B. No other setting is needed, as evar4 is set only on the first page.

C. The Unique Event Recording setting should be checked for event1.

Question: 4

In Analysis Workspace, what are two ways a Map Visualization can be built? (Choose two.)

A. Building a Map Visualization using two or more metrics (including calculated metrics)

B. Representing geo segmentation data about visitor location on the DMA or Zip Code level

C. Building a Map Visualization using one or more metrics (including calculated metrics)

D. Using IP address or Latitude/Longitude

Question: 5

Per a solution design reference, the following variables are set when a social share occurs: event5 – Social Share eVar7 – Social Share Channel prop7 – Social Share Channel In Adobe Analytics Reports, which report can be created?
A. Top URLs shared
B. Social Share per Visit by Social Share Channel

C. Social Shares by Marketing Channel

Question: 6

The analyst has to report on the preliminary results of an A/B test that ran on a landing page named “FlashCampaign” (visits, order, conversation rate). The split test is created using a custom tool and results analyzed in Adobe Analytics. The following components are available: eVar2 = Page Name eVar3 = Page Version Name Conversation Rate calculated metric The test had to page version running (Control and Version A) and the main KPI is orders. How should the analyst create the report in Analysis workspace?
A. Drag Page Version Name dimension, then add Visits, Orders, Conversion Rate

B. Drag Page Name dimension, then add Visits, Orders, Conversion, and apply “Page Version = FlashCampaign” segment

C. Drag Page Version Name dimension, then add Visits, Orders, Conversion Rate and apply “Page Name = FlashCampaign” segment

Question: 6

How many touchpoints can be added to a Fallout Visualization?
A. 1

B. Unlimited

C. 5

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