PDF File: Make One PDF With These Tricks

PDF File: Make One PDF With These Tricks
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20 October 2022

PDF, which stands for portable document format, is a tool known for its portability, hence the name. You can quickly transfer and use PDF files on any device, which makes it a convenient and practical file format option. Another advantage is its flexibility: You can use the format to create professional-grade files containing text, images, and numbers. 

The PDF file format is extensively applied across various fields and industries worldwide. It's also one of the most common document programs, as it's utilized in businesses, schools, and at home. It started gaining popularity in 1993 when Adobe introduced it, and it’s been widely adopted since then.  

Presently, PDF remains the preferred file format, and frequent users come across situations wherein some documents that come in varying forms need to be converted to PDF before they can be used. Additionally, there are now different kinds of ways to convert files to PDFs. For instance, you’ll find sources on how to turn images into PDFs

If you'd like to know some of the ways you can convert the files you have on hand to a PDF format, here are a few tricks you may find helpful:  

  1. Merge Two PDF Files   

Did you know that an average professional can spend a quarter of their work day reading and sending emails? According to a study by McKinsey, the average full-time employee in the United States can spend almost two hours in the office working on emails alone. Imagine if you can cut this number by half by merging files.

Sending multiple files at once can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially for those who have to handle numerous documents at a given point. It can lead to confusion as well if the files have similar names or contents. Because of this, many users opt to merge files if possible.  

PDF File: Make One PDF With These Tricks

Here’s how you can have two PDF merge to create a single file:  

  • Download a PDF combiner application on your desktop. 
  • Drag and drop the files that you need on the app. 
  • Remove, reorder, or delete the files according to your requirements. 
  • Click the start command button to start the merge.
  • Wait for the notification that the merge is complete, then download the merged file. 

These steps may differ, depending on your application, though most apps have similar features and characteristics. 

Aside from combining a couple of documents, you can use an app to edit them. To have an idea of how to do this, check out helpful tutorial videos like https://youtu.be/NjEnOr22eA8

  1. Convert JPG To PDF And Then Merge The Files

Another way to create a PDF file is by converting a JPG file to a PDF. JPG and JPEG stand for Joint Photographic Experts Group. While the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) set JPEG as the standard for image types, both can be used for the same purposes. Thus, you can create a PDF file using documents in either format. 

To do so, you can go to the Adobe official website and look for the Convert tab. By clicking the drop-down arrow beside the tab name, you’ll see several conversion options, including one that allows you to convert your JPG file to PDF.  

Click the option and wait for the browser to open to the next page. You can then drag and drop your JPG file on the field allotted or click the ‘Select a file’ button to upload your document. Once you've uploaded the file, the conversion will automatically start. After all the JPG files have been converted, you can then upload them, reorder as needed, and click ‘Merge’ to make one PDF file. 

However, note that free usage of the Adobe conversion tools is limited. You'll have to sign in to the website to create an account and access some of the tools for free for a limited time. Then some of the website's conversion tools and other applications may require payment before you can gain full access. 

You can also convert images in JPG format into PDF files using desktop applications you can download for free online. Once you've downloaded the app you want to use, follow the instructions and download your PDF document.  

  1. Use Multiple Word Files To Make One PDF 

Do you have Word documents that you want to transform into a PDF file? You can do this either via the Word application itself or other tools.  

The simplest way to transform a Word document into a PDF file is by saving it as a PDF. To do so, open the document you wish to convert, click ‘Save As,’ and save it as a PDF file.  

Another way you can create a PDF using your Word file is by printing it. Start by opening the file and clicking the ‘Print’ option in the toolbar. Then you can select ‘Save as PDF’ and click save to turn the document into a PDF file.  

You have the option to use an online file converter or a desktop application where you can upload your Word files and convert them into PDF. To accomplish this, you'll need to open the converter app, select the ‘Word to PDF’ option, upload the Word document, and wait until it's converted and ready for download.  

  1. Create One PDF Out Of Multiple Word Documents 

You can then use these converted documents to make one PDF file. This option is ideal, especially if you want to prepare a presentation using digital files in different formats, such as word or JPG. Usually, applications that support file conversion and merging also have the option to combine files into one PDF document. 

To combine multiple files, upload the documents you’ve previously converted into the application. Arrange the records according to how you want them to appear in your PDF file, click ‘Merge,’ and wait until the document is ready for download. 

File conversion apps commonly feature a ‘Compress File’ option too, where you can reduce the size of your PDF file to make it more compact or compatible with the browser that you'll use. The exact process applies, which includes uploading the document and using the application tools to compress it.  


Since the PDF format is widely used for various settings and purposes, knowing how to convert files to PDF is a valuable skill to have. Most of the steps are easy to follow, so you’ll be able to master them quickly. 

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