PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0: The wish-list of experts

Alex Alex 04 November 2019
PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0: The wish-list of experts

PHP 7.4 should appear at the end of November 2019. PHP 8.0 is announced for the year 2020. Five experts reveal their wish list for the coming versions of PHP.

PHP 7.4 stands in the wings – PHP 8.0 was just in time for the 25. Anniversary of the programming language for the upcoming year of 2020, announced. The experts Ralf Eggert, Marcel Normann, Sebastian Feldmann, Arne Blankerts and Sebastian Bergmann in this second part of the PHP expert checks the answers to the question, which of the announced Features for PHP 7.4 arouses your attention, and what you wish for PHP 8.0.

PHP 7.4 for November 2019 planned

developer: PHP 7.4 is announced for the end of November: What is the new Feature catches your attention and why?

Ralf Eggert: I am just so happy that PHP with the 7.4 Release, reached a further stage, which makes the language better. I want to make actually no specific Feature in particular, and think that since 7.0, each new Release is a further step to a better PHP.
And if I should lift something out, then my choice falls on the typed properties. This is just the last block in terms of type safety that was missing.

The experts
by Ralf Eggert is the Executive Director of the Travello GmbH, the author of several books on the Zend Framework, and was also voted by Amazon to Alexa Champion. Ralf developed since 1998 in PHP and gladly passes on his experience at conferences.

Marcel Normann, the head of Software development at the where group in Bonn. He works since 1999 as a developer of over 15 years with PHP. He spends his free time away from computers, beekeeping, running, and sporadic fighting operations.

Sebastian Bergmann is the Open-Source-man of the first hour. As the Creator of the test tool, PHPUnit he has created an industry standard that has significantly contributed to the professionalization of the software development with PHP. As co-founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company ( he helps to develop Software successfully and to operate.

Sebastian Feldmann lives in Munich and Cologne, and supports the team of CHECK24 in software development. With around 20 years of PHP experience, he has specialized in Enterprise Web applications. Sebastian is an Open-Source employee and maintainer of the PHP-Backup-utility phpbu and a Git-Hook-library by the name of Captain Hook.

Arne Blankerts is a co-founder and the Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company ( and helps companies to successfully develop Software and operate. He is the author and Maintainer of various open source development tools and speaks regularly at technical conferences.

Marcel Normann: Preloading is likely to be the most exciting site. More importantly for me, however, that it is the springboard to PHP 8.

To be able to

Sebastian Bergmann is Quite clear: the possibility of finally, the type of attributes declared. Thus, a further white spot disappears from the map of the type system of PHP.

Arne Blankerts: The from the point of view of the language's most important Feature is the introduction of the optional typing of attributes. What typed lists and Collections and the world are now missing in this context would be basically perfect.

Not a feature of Language but also very exciting, the new Preloading, a way in PHP is to inject Code directly at the Start in the Cache and all I/O to avoid operations and the Re-Compile during execution. A Feature that comes in especially in Combination with the new FFI (Foreign Functions Interface) and the use of external libraries even without the existing PHP-extension in gleichzitig meaningful Performance possible.

Sebastian Feldmann: To proceed, of course, the further ahead of the typing, in the case of 7.4 the "typed properties" and the improved "type variance“. Typing helps to develop just a more stable Software. For the others I expect but very much of the new "preloading" functionality, which will allow loading the Code in advance in the memory. The Benchmarks I have seen so far, show an approximately 10% improvement in runtime. I'm curious how this applies to our applications.

New Features in PHP 8.0

developer: PHP 8.0 is scheduled to appear next year. What is on your personal wishlist for the next Major Version? Which Feature do you still need?

Ralf Eggert: most of all, I'm looking forward to the announced further Performance improvements and whether they hold what they promise. Performance optimizations are always welcome.
Everything that comes then, I'm excited in any case!

Marcel Normann: If the FFI and the asynchronous Workloads on Board, then I need to write anything more on the note, that would be a decent jump.

Beyond this release, I do not wish that you lose framework-less PHP from the eye: long-repudiation-Performing smaller Services without major Breaking Changes could also provide in the Enterprise area for new interest. At this point, I always refer back to the success of the CRP: There is a desire for simplicity and „opinionated“ languages. Most of the ingredients for this are in the PHP-universe already exists, you just need to still be together.

Sebastian Bergmann: On the map the type system of PHP, there are still a few last white spots: on typed Arrays, Generics and Union Types, I would be happy. At least in the case of the latter, I assume that you will do it in PHP 8.

Arne Blankerts in addition to the already mentioned, typed lists, I wish above all that a couple of outdated extensions – such as the DOM-Extension – time in General would become obsolete. Even if there are some efforts here straight, the development of the LibXML2 library, on the amazing many DOM implementations are based in the Open Source world, and is also used by PHP, is pretty much dead. A modernization would be connected with some effort, since you would probably have to attach a new Backend. I think it is, however, on the other hand, for a language that is on the Web at home, rather shameful, that the available DOM extension can not handle even always really with HTML 5. But the hope dies as we know, most recently.

Sebastian Feldmann: Current projects like ReactPHP help in PHP „non-blocking“ applications to develop a native support for asynchronous functionality I find very exciting. The last years show but the PHP is on a good way. So what will end up always final in Version 8, I am convinced it will bring the tongue forward and keep you relevant.

Developer: Many thanks for these interesting insights!

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