PHP 8.0, State-of-the Octoverse 2019 & HTML – Our Top topics of the week

Alex Alex 11 November 2019
PHP 8.0, State-of-the Octoverse 2019 & HTML – Our Top topics of the week

It's Monday again: We have your Highlights from the past week for you, in a compact weekly review together. With the results of the State-of-the Octoverse 2019, the wish-list of PHP experts for PHP 8.0, as well as a trip back in time in the history of the Internet and HTML-web standards.

The calendar week 45 is behind us. The Internet celebrated the 28. Birthday, five PHP experts have shared their wish list for versions 7.4 and PHP 8.0 with us, and GitHub has released the State-of-the Octoverse 2019.

PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0: The wish-list of experts

In the second part of the Experts to check, we have re-five PHP-experts were interviewed. This time it went to the next versions 7.4 and PHP 8.0. What are your wishes, our experts will have the new versions, you can still read: PHP-experts check part 2.

Here it goes to part 1: 25 years of PHP The experts say to the perspective of the programming language

time travel: The beginnings of the Internet and HTML-web standards

The Briton Tim Berners-Lee developed 28 years ago both the Word Wide Web as well as HTML. In the past week we have on the occasion of the 28. Anniversary of the Internet, a look back in history daring and you the most important information from the beginning until today in a post combined.

State-of-the Octoverse 2019: Top 10 programming languages and Open-Source projects

published Once a year, GitHub, the State-of-the Octoverse and lists the most popular programming languages, and projects on GitHub. We have noted the results of the annual GitHub-report in a post. The questions to be answered, what programming languages include languages in the past few years, the most popular were and what the Trend.

works of modern UX Design – part 2

What it takes to bring the excitement factor in a product? Felix van de Sand, co-founder and Managing Director of the Munich-based digital Agency COBE, and Catherine Grimma ask that same question in the second part of the article series to „Modern UX Design“ in the focus. Because of the variety of products on their own product on the part of the customer can wane quickly. For the first part of the article series this Link.

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