Pillars of Cryptocurrency | PLC Ultima

Pillars of Cryptocurrency | PLC Ultima
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12 December 2022

Pillars of Cryptocurrency | PLC Ultima

Cryptocurrency technology has the potential to reduce corruption, enhance public accountability, and increase the standard of living for all if utilized correctly.

Plc Ultima explored the three fundamental concepts underlying cryptocurrency technology. Simply put, cryptocurrency is a database that stores all of your records with the general ledger dispersed. It is "distributed" because it is spread across multiple nodes instead of residing on a single node (or computer).

The Three Main Cryptocurrency Pillars

Internet Integrity

The cryptocurrency system is composed of several nodes. A single control center does not exist. Every single transaction is documented. As a result, the process itself is forced, to be honest. There are significant costs associated with acting dishonestly. Virtual transactions also eliminate the issue of double spending.

It has typically been an issue with our banking systems that one dollar cannot be used twice. With the help of consensus mechanisms (proof of work), as mentioned by Plc Ultima, cryptocurrency eliminates the issue of double spending. In bitcoin, the cryptocurrency system timestamps the first transaction (for a coin), and any further spend is rejected.


The creators came up with a brilliant solution to a problem that existed in daily life.

Each piece of data is stored in consideration, a unified component. And you will need to work exclusively with this substance to obtain any data or information you require.

The banking structure is an additional use case for a unified contextual approach.

The bank is the primary payment method; they hold all your funds. Consequently, we can now comprehend why decentralization has become so popular.


"Openness or transparency" is one of cryptocurrency technology's most alluring and misunderstood concepts. A small number of individuals assert that cryptocurrency offers protection and maintenance. In essence, as explained by Plc Ultima, a person's identity is easily concealed by the complex coding of cryptocurrency technology; you can examine a person's exchange record, but you will not see their identity.

It will be replaced with something that resembles a code. Due to this characteristic, the person's identity is protected, but you will still be privy to every collaboration due to the environment's openness. From the perspective of digital currency, if you know the physical location of one of the financial institutions, you can view all of their interactions with that institution. This makes it possible for them to be open, a feat they have never before accomplished. Whether or not they do so, they will not modify their trading patterns or utilize cryptographic forms of currency.


Cryptocurrency, as stated byPlc Ultima, is a technology that has the potential to bring about a significant transformation. However, it must be adopted and promoted at the highest levels, as with any novel idea. It is reassuring that most large corporations invest heavily in cryptocurrency technology.

Even governments on a global scale have begun to discuss cryptocurrencies and investigate their potential applications. Therefore, it is important to consider the main pillars that hold up cryptocurrency and give it its peculiarities.

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