Pin Fasteners vs. Magnetic Name Tag Holders

Pin Fasteners vs. Magnetic Name Tag Holders
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Need to renew your fleet of professional name badges? Are you looking for something entirely new this time?

Don’t overlook the fastener. It’s an important integral part of the name badge and its quality will impact the usability of the badge as well as the longevity and durability of the uniform.

Probably, most name badges are outfitted with pin fasteners, and there’s justification for this. Pin fasteners own a lot of benefits.

But there are also magnetic name tag holders. So before you go and get more of the same with your new name badge designs, take a minute to reflect on the relative advantages (and potential drawbacks) of each.

Pin Fasteners
Many name badges come equipped with pin fasteners. The use of these is fairly straightforward. You clip the pin onto a uniform by piercing the pin through the fabric and then through a little tab or collar that secures it.

Pin fasteners offer a very secure fit to the uniform and it is impossible to knock them loose or dislodge them without tearing the uniform or bending or breaking the pin that secures them,

Pin fasteners also have the advantage of being remarkably affordable. For some types of badges, pin fasteners are available at no upcharge; where there is one, it is typically pennies. They are quite attractive for this reason.

However, there are some issues associated with pin fasteners, too. For one, as they are used frequently, and attached to and detached from a uniform, the pin and other small hardware can fatigue or fail over time.

Pin fasteners can also be damaged or broken if the name tag they secure catches on something and is pulled or stretched. If this happens, the entire name tag may need to be replaced.

Finally, there is a valid concern that pin fasteners can be damaging to uniforms. It’s impossible to affix a badge with a pin fastener to a uniform without poking a hole through it. Some types of heavy and expensive fabrics can be damaged in this manner.

Magnetic Name Tag Holders
On the other end of the spectrum from pin fasteners, we have magnetic name tag holders. Magnetic name tags offer some benefits similar to pin fasteners and a number of unique ones, on their own.

While magnetic name tag holders categorically will not secure the badge with the same level of durability as a pin fastener, many of them are made from strong magnets and are very difficult to pull free, except deliberately.

That said, if the badge does catch on something or is pulled, it will break free without any damage to either the uniform’s fabric or to the magnets. That is a unique benefit.

Magnetic name tags also carry the additional benefit that they don’t pierce the fabric to achieve a fit. They don’t leave holes or tears in your employee uniforms.

They also, unlike pin fasteners, have no small parts that can fatigue or break with repeated use, so they are more durable. Also, due to the same feature, they require less dexterity to apply, so they may be more suitable for employees with fine motor skills, making them the more inclusive option.

There are only two potential drawbacks of magnetic name tags. They are more expensive than pin fasteners, and they may not be appropriate for employees with pacemakers.

Where Can You Get Both?
Tossed up between magnetic name tag holders and pin fasteners? Work with a provider that offers both, along with other options, like name tag lanyards and other sorts of badge holders. Visit Imprint Plus at and contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

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