Places to Visit in Manaus

Places to Visit in Manaus

Manaus is a city located in the Amazon rainforest. It is one of the most important centers in Brazil for trade and commerce. The city is also home to a variety of cultural attractions, such as the Iquitos Art Market, which is world-renowned for its unique art collection. There are also a number of interesting museums located in Manaus, such as the Brazilian Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography and the Museu de Arte Moderna de Manaus. It’s time to explore more by booking Cheap flights from Los Angeles to Manaus.

Teatro Amazonas

The Teatro Amazonas is one of the most important theaters in Brazil. It's home to the Brazilian National Opera, and has a beautiful stage that can accommodate up to 2,500 people. The theater is also used for plays and concerts.

Meeting of Waters

The meeting of waters is an annual event that brings together the East and West Coasts of North America to share in the bounty of nature. This year's event will take place at Dover Naval Air Station in Delaware, and it promises to be a memorable one. The waters are so rich in life that you can see it in the way the waves crash against the shore, in the way the sun shine on the water, and in the way schools of fish dart around.

Espaco Cultural Largo de Sao Sebastiao

Espaco Cultural Largo de Sao Sebastiao is a cultural center that invites people of all ages to share in its contents. The center was founded in 2007 and offers a wide range of events, from art exhibitions to film screenings. It is also home to the Espaco Museum, where visitors can explore items from the Portuguese colonial period.  It’s time to explore more with Qantas Airways.

Manaus Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are a great place to spend a day if you're looking for something different. The Manaus Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting ones in the area. In addition to its beautiful plants and flowers, the garden has an amazing collection of animals. You can find everything from sloths to macaws, and there are even a few koalas!

Palacio Rio Negro

The Palace of Rio Negro is one of the most impressive landmarks in Brazil. Built between 1553 and 1560 by King Manuel I, it is one of the largest and most ornate palaces ever built. Today, it is used as a royal palace and is also home to the Brazilian National Museum.

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