Planets and Conditions for Happy Married Life

Planets and Conditions for Happy Married Life
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11 February 2023

You will live a happy married life, or a troubled one can be seen from your birth chart. The planets in the horoscope tell the tale of your life and its various aspects. A marriage astrologer can explain everything about your marriage through your kundli. If the planets are in bad shape in the birth chart for marriage, it can spoil your marriage. Here, we explain the planetary placements that help a couple lead a successful and happy married life. The planets can cause separation and divorce. They can either bless or curse a marriage. Let’s explore.


Marriage or love life is the main concern of most people around the globe. Living happily with the spouse can be possible only if your planets allow it.

Venus - The Dominant Player:


The planet Venus is responsible for love, romance, attraction, and marital bliss for a person. If Venus is weak or afflicted in the birth chart, it may give married life problems to an individual. Venus is the karaka of marriage, and it is often seen a person with a weak Venus either fails to marry or, even if he marries, he can’t live a happy married life.


For recent examples, we can refer to Hrithik Roshan’s kundli. He has Venus in the eleventh house, which is good, but it is forming a conjunction with debilitated Jupiter, another karaka of marriage. So, he survived quite a long successful love life, but today he has taken a way apart from his wife, Sussane.


If we notice Venus in seventh house, we can predict mixed effects for the native. Venus in the seventh house gives a charming and attractive spouse. Mostly the partners take good care of each other. But as we say, every coin has two sides, and the seventh house is a kaam trikona that signifies sex. Venus also denotes sex, and its presence in the 7th house gives excessive sexual tendencies to the native. If Venus is in a good position and strong, it is fine, but if it is weak or under affliction, the person can have more than one sexual relationship. The person can have extramarital affairs and even can follow the path of prostitution.


Jupiter- The Karaka of Marriage, Wealth, Children and Fortune


Jupiter denotes fortune, and to have a happy married life, it is essential to have Jupiter in good strength or place. Jupiter gives wisdom, righteousness, and noble behavior to a native. If Jupiter is bad, the native faces troubles in married life. One should meet an astrologer to perform remedies to strengthen Jupiter for a happy married life.


The Seventh Lord- Decides Fate of one’s Marriage


In astrology, the seventh house is the house of marriage. If its Lord is in the bad house or afflicted with malefic planets, the person ceases to live happily married lives. Thus, the seventh Lord should be strong and well-placed to gain bliss in a marriage.


The kundli analysis of Lata Mangeshkar ji states that her Jupiter, the seventh lord is in the twelfth house of losses and expenses. We all know that she was never married. However, the placement of other planets is also important, but the bad placement of the seventh lord gives a broad idea about the married life of a person.


Astrology Yoga for a Happy Married Life


There are several astrology yogas for a happy married life. If we find any such yoga in the kundli, the person enjoys a blissful married life. These are some of the positive yoga for a marriage-


  • The planets Venus and Jupiter are the karakas of marriage, and if they are in a good position in the horoscope, the person enjoys a happy married life. Their placement in the Kendra and trikona houses is considered lucky for a marriage.


  • If the seventh lord is strong in the kundli and the person runs the mahadasha of a benefic planet, it becomes the golden period of his married life.


  • If Jupiter casts its aspect on the seventh house or its Lord, the person lives a happy married life. In astrology, Jupiter removes lakhs of the dosha by its presence in the Lagna. So, Jupiter in the first house gives a good married life.


  • An exalted Venus in the fifth house signifies a happy married life. But the 5th lord should also be in a strong position.


  • A strong 4th house confirms domestic peace in a person’s life. If a person runs a favorable mahadasha with a strong 4th lord, the person enjoys marital bliss.


  • The second house is also important for a blissful married life.


  • The seventh lord should be free from any kind of influence of the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn.


  • A strong 7th lord and Jupiter’s aspect at the seventh house give an extremely auspicious married life.


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