Plastic Films

Plastic Films
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Various plastic films 

Ganapathy Industries is recognised as a front-runner among the most successful businesses in the field of plastic films worldwide. It provides a range of products in the film category, including elastic, polyester, and polyethylene films, amongst others. The company is able to meet the demand for applications to films in a variety of end-user markets, including those with an international footprint and local supply capabilities, such as personal care.


Electronic display

Food storage

Industries related to lighting

Plastic films manufactured by Ganapathy Industries are available in a wide variety of substrates. These films include both standard single films and a variety of value-added films that have offline coating and metallization. With its strategically positioned global business and working culture that is focused on innovative research and development, the company is now prepared to expand into a variety of markets located all over the world. The manufacturers of polyester film that sell it in rolls create it to be tear-resistant and durable so that it can protect a variety of goods from damage.

Ganapathy Industries' investments and marketing efforts have made it possible for their clients to provide a diverse selection of products and services. After being finished with investments in specialty lacquers and metallization and having in-house availability, various basic films contribute to improving our product range, which includes general packaging, specialised emballement, electric liners, and a full range of industrial applications, such as thermal stamping foil, flexible air conditioning systems, and book lamination. The most popular variety is polyethylene plastic film, which may be purchased in a wide range of styles, surface treatments, and thicknesses. Polyester plastic film is used for packaging by our clients because it can't be torn and doesn't react with chemicals. It also stays the same size, lasts a long time, doesn't absorb much water, and has high mechanical and dielectric strength.

We Want to Be Your Go-To Partner in Plastic Films.

Ganapathy Industries is one of the most successful distributors of plastic films in India. The company provides a variety of goods with a variety of vertical applications to a wide variety of businesses. The company has retail locations and warehouses all throughout the country, and its combined square footage is greater than 100,000 square feet. A space that acts as a buffer to ensure that all orders, regardless of their quantity or location, are processed in a timely manner. Ganapathy Industries was optimistic that the quality of their partnership would improve. The company gives customers more technical help to help them choose the most cost-effective solution for each application. 

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