Plastic Films

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It is common knowledge that Ganapathy Industries is one of the most successful PET film manufacturing and retailing businesses in the nation. Our significant knowledge and skill may be seen in the films made of polyethene terephthalate that are clear, transparent, and flexible. Packaging, electrical, and industrial applications take advantage of these thin films' high strength despite their low weight. For the manufacturing of such items, we make use of PET polymer, a linear and thermoplastic polyester resin, that is of the highest possible quality.

The cost of polyethene terephthalate films is often higher compared to the cost of other Polyimide plastic films, and these films offer a number of unique characteristics that are important for a variety of applications. The PET film naturally contains a number of desirable characteristics, including a high tensile strength, resistance to tearing, elongation, durability, and heat resistance. Additionally, the film is long-lasting.

To accommodate the wide variety of requirements posed by end customers, we make PET films available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and other characteristics. There is a single form of the PET film as well as multilayer co-extruded forms that may be purchased. There are a variety of ways in which distinct PRT films might provide the items with an assortment of diverse physical features. This may take place either during the polymerization of the PET resin, when chemicals such as colour additives or slip modifiers are applied, or during the manufacturing process itself.

Bubbles may be used to extrude these films, or they can be directed in a biaxial direction. When oriented in a biaxial direction, it results in a rise in crystallinity as well as improvements in its heating, traction, and gas obstacle properties. It is an excellent substitute for use in the application of food and printing sheets, as well as electrical insulation. Terephthalate films are used in a variety of sectors, including those that manufacture antimicrobial films, printable films, insulating films, packaging films, safety films, surface protection films, and more.

The Process of Quality
We always focus on quality goods because we have a culture of quality that is deeply ingrained in our company, we have severe quality systems in place, and our quality labs are outfitted with the most cutting-edge testing and measuring equipment available.
Ganapathy Industries provides a variety of one-of-a-kind PET films, including high-barrier metallized films, twist films, high-matte and high friction (COF) films, and high-matte and high friction films (as an aluminium foil replacement). The performance of these items is of the highest possible standard in a broad variety of PET applications, including food packaging, apparel, industrial lamination, and industrial lamination.

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