Post Study Work (PSW) Visa Application

Post Study Work (PSW) Visa Application

Post Study Work (PSW) visas are a new visa route which allows international students to stay in the UK for up to 2 years after their studies have been completed.

PSW visas are non-extendable, meaning that when the two year period ends, you will need to switch to a different type of visa if you want to stay longer.

What is a PSW visa?

The PSW visa is a type of UK Immigration route that allows international students to stay in the country and work after they complete their studies. This type of visa is usually granted for 2 years, but it can be extended if needed.

The PSW is available to all international students who are studying in the UK on a higher education course or at a university or college. This includes those who are completing an undergraduate degree or a Master’s or PhD level course.

These students can apply for a PSW visa as soon as they have received their degree award from their university, which is typically when they graduate or receive unconditional approval on their thesis. They are also required to submit their degree to the Department for Education and Skills (DfE) within 12 months of completing their course in the UK.


Applicants can stay in the UK on a PSW visa for up to two years, but they will not be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or British citizenship after that time. If they wish to apply for ILR, they will need to switch to another type of visa such as a Skilled Migrant Visa or a Business Immigration route.

Graduates are not eligible to work as professional sportspersons and cannot access public funds, such as benefits, or the State Pension while they are on a PSW visa. They are only allowed to undertake supplementary study if the supplementary study is at a UK education institution that has been listed as a “licensed visa sponsor” by the Home Office.

As well as being able to work in the UK, graduates can bring their family members with them on a dependant visa. These can include those who were born in the UK, as long as they were living in the country lawfully when the main graduate visa holder held a student visa.

As part of the Global Talent Drive, the government is also offering an additional 3-year PSW visa extension to highly skilled PhD students. This will mean that the UK job market will be more appealing for these students after 2021, and will boost UK research output.

How to apply for a PSW visa

The UK offers a range of options for international students to stay in the country following completion of their studies, including the Post Study Work (PSW) visa. This enables graduates to work in the UK for a fixed period of two or three years after they have completed their studies, and it is available for undergraduate degrees as well as Master's and PhD degrees.

To apply for a PSW visa, applicants must meet certain requirements and submit their application before the end of their course. In addition, the visa must be awarded to them within 12 months of their academic program's completion.

Applicants who wish to stay in the UK after their degree studies must meet a number of requirements, including the ability to pay the visa's application fee and Immigration Health Surcharge. They also need to pass security, identity, and criminality checks.

Once they have satisfied these requirements, applicants can begin the process of applying for their PSW visa online. They can do this from their home country, or from the UK.

After they have completed their PSW visa, students can take up a job in the UK that pays them enough to live on. This may involve working in a role that requires skills that they have developed during their studies, such as IT or marketing.

They can also work in a role that is a skilled profession, such as law or medicine. However, they should note that they can only do so if they have secured employment at a higher education provider that is registered with the Home Office to be a Registered Sponsor.

If they are not, they should consider a'reverse sponsorship' route where they can get sponsored by a UK employer instead of their education institution. This is a good option for students who are unsure about their future career prospects or who would like to gain experience before moving back home.

Those who have successfully secured employment after graduating in the UK will need to make an application to remain under a different visa type. This could be a work visa or a family visa, depending on the circumstances of the individual.

What are the requirements to apply for a PSW visa

If you are planning to study abroad in the UK and want to stay for a while after completing your degree, you may be eligible for a PSW visa. This type of visa allows graduates to work in the UK, or search for employment at any skill level.

The UK government reinstated the popular post-study work (PSW) visa in autumn 2020, allowing international students to stay in the country for up to two years after graduation. This is a good opportunity for both employers and students, as it will give them the chance to gain work experience in the UK, and also give graduates a chance to earn money in a different country.

To apply for a PSW visa, you must have completed an undergraduate or Master’s degree at a qualifying institution and have a valid student visa at the time of application. You must also be able to prove that you have achieved a high level of academic achievement, and your application must have 70 points under the points-based system.

As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide proof of financial maintenance for the duration of your course, including a bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds to support yourself. You must also pay the PS700 visa fee and Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) at full rate.

Applicants who have dependants (such as parents or siblings) can also apply for a PSW visa, but they will need to show that they have enough funding to support them during their time in the UK. This is a great opportunity for parents of international students to help their children while they are studying and also earn money at the same time.

The UK is a highly popular destination for overseas students, thanks to its world-class universities and its thriving economy. It has a number of excellent career opportunities, and is one of the best places to go for students looking to get an education in a multicultural environment.

Many people have a question about what the requirements are to apply for a PSW visa. In order to be able to get this visa, you must have a degree or diploma from a qualifying university in the UK. You will need to submit a copy of your award certificate or letter from the University to the immigration officer. You must also have a good English language score and a high level of academic achievement.

How long will it take to get a PSW visa?

If you are a graduate who has completed your course in the UK and is looking to stay in the country for two years after graduation, then you may be eligible to apply for a PSW visa. This new 'graduate route' allows you to stay in the UK and work for up to 2 years following your degree completion, or up to 3 years if you have graduated with a PhD.

If you have a PSW visa, then you can work in any job or position in the UK as long as it is legal for you to do so. This is a great opportunity for you to find your first job in the UK after your studies, or you can also take time out to look for other opportunities that might come up during this period of stay.

The PSW route was introduced in July 2021 for international students to provide them with a more straightforward way to get a work visa after they finish their studies. It is a great way to help you find a job in the UK after your studies have finished and also offers an opportunity for employers to recruit graduates without having to go through the costly and compliance-intensive employment sponsorship process.

You can start your application for a PSW visa as soon as you have finished your course and received your degree award certificate or letter from your University. It is recommended that you apply while your student visa is still valid to avoid any delays or fees.

To qualify for the PSW visa, you need to be studying in the UK on a course that meets one of the following qualifications. You need to have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a subject that is relevant to the UK economy, or you need to be studying for a professional qualification such as a bar course or a foundation doctorate programme.

A PSW visa can be granted to an applicant who has a valid student visa or is in the process of obtaining their student visa and who is currently studying with a higher education provider on the list of registered sponsors “with a track record of compliance”. You need to have a valid passport and meet security, identity and criminality checks.


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