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Welcome to Guidance Point, your premier destination for mastering Power BI course in Pune. Our comprehensive Power BI courses are designed to cater to all levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced users. Whether you are looking to start your journey in data analytics or aiming to deepen your existing skills, our courses provide the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to excel. With our expertly crafted curriculum and experienced instructors, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of your data and drive impactful business decisions.


  1. Expert Instructors: Learn from industry-certified Power BI professionals with extensive real-world experience.
  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses cover everything from basic data import and visualization to advanced DAX functions and data integration with SQL and Azure.
  1. Hands-on Training: Engage in practical exercises, real-world projects, and case studies to solidify your learning and gain practical experience.
  1. Flexible Learning Options: Choose from in-person classes at convenient locations in Pune, live online sessions, or self-paced learning modules to fit your schedule.
  2. Updated Content: Stay current with the latest features and best practices in Power BI, as our courses are regularly updated to reflect industry trends.
  1. Career Support: Benefit from resume-building workshops, interview preparation, and job placement assistance to advance your career.
  1. Affordable Pricing: Competitive course fees with early bird and group discounts available, ensuring high-quality training is accessible to all.

Why Power BI Course?

  1. High Demand for Data Skills: As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven decisions, the demand for skilled Power BI professionals continues to rise. Mastering Power BI opens up numerous career opportunities in various industries.
  1. User-Friendly Tool: Power BI is known for its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, making it accessible for beginners while offering advanced features for experienced users.
  1. Comprehensive Data Insights: Learn how to transform raw data into meaningful insights with interactive dashboards and reports, helping organizations make informed decisions.
  1. Boost Your Career: Power BI skills are highly valued in the job market, providing a competitive edge whether you're looking to start a new career or advance in your current role.
  1. Versatile Application: Power BI is used across different sectors, including finance, marketing, healthcare, and more, making your skills applicable to a wide range of job roles and industries.
  1. Community and Resources: By learning Power BI, you join a vast community of users and gain access to a wealth of resources, tutorials, and support forums to continue your learning journey.

Why Choose a Guidance Point?

Choosing Guidance Point for your Power BI Courses In Pune  ensures you receive the highest quality education and support. Our courses are led by expert instructors who bring practical, real-world insights into the classroom. Our hands-on training approach ensures you gain practical skills that you can immediately apply in your job.

We offer flexible learning options to accommodate your schedule, including in-person, online, and self-paced modules. Our curriculum is continuously updated to include the latest Power BI features and industry best practices, ensuring you learn the most relevant and up-to-date information.

In addition to excellent training, we provide continuous career support, including resume-building assistance, interview preparation, and job placement services. Our competitive pricing, combined with early bird and group discounts, makes our courses accessible and affordable.

Join Guidance Point and transform your data analytics capabilities with our Power BI courses in Pune . For more information and to enroll, contact us at +91 8623006799 or info@guidancepoint.in, and visit our website at www.guidancepoint.in 

Unlock the power of your data and elevate your career with Guidance Point’s Power BI training in Pune.

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