PresentBot Review Make Money With Simple Powerpoint Slides?

PresentBot Review Make Money With Simple Powerpoint Slides?
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06 December 2022

Email 1:

Subject: Make Money With Simple Powerpoint Slides?

Check this out - my friends Amy and Deb are sharing ways they make simple money with PowerPoint and Google Slides. 

You’ve got to see it here: 


Not only are they showing ways to make money with these powerpoint docs, they are including a brand new tool to make the creation of your slide in less than 3 minutes so you don’t have to spend long hours formatting and writing! 

They make it a breeze and you can watch the demo video here on exactly how they do it - they reveal it all! 

Take a look here and don’t miss out: 




Email 2:

Create new content with the click of a button

My friend’s Debbie Drum and Amy Harrop are always on the cutting edge of what’s making money and finding a quicker way to get there! 

They developed a powerful tool that helps you easily create high-quality content fast.

PresentBot is a web-based tool (works on both Macs and PCS) that allows you to quickly and easily create:






How Does PresentBot Work?

PresentBot allows you to quickly create presentations and outlines by taking larger pieces of content (like a book, report, or article) and quickly selecting the content that specifically should go on each slide or to build an outline. It works with embedded images as well!!

The tool will then export your new content (including images) to a slideshow or outline, and discards any unselected content.

You can then take your slideshow or outline and expand into:





and more!

We developed this software for folks who desire a faster and easier way to create quality content. 

This tool is a powerful secret weapon you will want in your content creation arsenal. 

You can also give it to an outsourcer or VA to use.

See the demo on this page: 



PS - You don’t want to miss this special launch pricing to increase your income and exposure quickly and easily with this new training and powerful tool. 


Email 3

Create Presentations With The Snap of a finger? 

If you give presentations you’ve got to see this new way to create your presentation with a snap of a finger! 

My friend Debbie makes presentations all the time. She is an expert when it comes to creating an online presentation with powerpoint.

However, even she says going in powerpoint and constantly having to manually create slides and format just to get her content looking the way she wants to is a PAIN IN THE NECK!! 

She partnered up with content expert,  Amy Harrop, and created a powerful, easy to use tool that creates presentations super fast! 

You’ve got to see this demo


No more hassling with powerpoint and formatting. You just need to focus on creating your content and making sure your content is the best it can be for your audience! 

Amy and Deb are making it easy for you! 

See it here: 


Email 4 - Get paid for this service angle

Easy way to make income? 

No Special Skills Required To Earn

There’s a service that people need over and over again. 

It’s creating powerpoint presentations. 

No, I am not talking about having any design skills - it’s about putting together presentations together that presenters don’t want to do themselves. 

Look at the people already earning doing this: 

See more examples here: 


Putting together powerpoint or any slide presentation is a lot of work. 

Even the easiest of slides has to be created, formatted and manually maneuvered

It’s a pain in the butt and no one wants to create slides themselves because it’s a dreaded task! 

Well not anymore - 

You’ll want to take a look at this because if you create slide presentations in your own business OR you want to make money helping other people, then THIS is for you! . 

Take a look at this opportunity!! 




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